ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Art 絵画/ 建築

The Tower of Babel painted by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

A plenty of paintings titled as Tower of Babel would be inspired by the three originals drawn by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. He was Dutch Flemish Renaissance painter. His painting period was surpreizingly short, only about a decade at early forties.

114×155 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien

60 × 74.5 cm Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

One of his three tableaus doesn't exist anymore. Remained size of 144x155cm and 60x74.5cm are called respectively "Big" and "Little''. .


↑A part of picture above. There is explanetion board beside tableau. It says 'Little' is depicted in 1565, while 'Big' in Wien in 1563 (accoding to the official catalogue).. I wonder whether its differrence depends on historical study or not.
And you kan see frame corner in detail which is nearly same with that of 'Big'. It might suggest history of purchase and sale, somtimes frames from first mounting. An opinion says that Pieter Bruegel the Elder seemed to deal with book-painting business before artist period. Who knows origin of these identical frames.

↓Two magnifyings of 'Little'↑


He must be miniaturist to draw such details even in 60 × 74.5 cm space. as if an Mandala world is drawn on a rice grain.
Architectural engineering in the painting is thought Roman method around 0 year A.D./B.C. Because, I guess, Bruegel had no way of knowing how to build such huge construction at the time of the Old Testament (Genesis), in where the story "tower of the babel" was described.

* The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien Austria collects a number of Buruger the Elder. His whole world is categorized by some themes or genre. One of them is farmer's life. Next one is an example that I like.


This is hunters life. For my nonchalant reason, I associate with japanese painting on Washi by Tikkyou Ono.


Non category

Butterbur flower or not?  蕗の薹やいなや?

This is found at Tatranský národný park, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia.
The genus + species: Petasites alba or spurius which are similar to Japanese one ''Petasites japonicus'' named Fuki.

Two species mentioned above seem to be native in a wide area from Europe to Coucasus/Sberia. At this moment it is difficult to say exact name. Dutch botanical gardens collect likely ''alba'', unfortunately there is not much information about White Petasites. Accoding to me, quite personally, this butterbur's flower might be a special delicacy.


↓We recognize many bunchs. Female flowers gather outside of a bunch, while bisexual flowers in center. This whole thing may be female, I guess.

Genus Petasites propagates by rhizome, therefore all individuals in a sight belong to a group of ♂or♀. It means that there might be no Petasites's places where female and male are mixed.

growing on wet soil along mountain torrent.

* Japanese ''Petasites japonicus'' young flower
Petasites 006 Hoogewaldseweg

↓Wit hoefblad means White butterbur. Here shows Japanese one which was planted years ago in Groesbeek.
Petasites albus 06-1

** References↓ Hunt of Japanese Butterbur flower, Fuki no Tou.  


Nature 雑草 フローラ/ファウナ

Two forms of Europian oaks ナツナラ/フユナラの気まぐれ


Both trees are exactly same sort, namely * Quercus robur *. But one has no leaves. another is full with brown dead leaves. Such contrast is always conspicuous scene in the place.

Quercus robur 001-2-6 冬姿
This Winter oak (Quercus robur) is just same as above left side, naked state.

Two young examples with brown leaves.
A 10 years old * Quercus robur * in my garden

A small * Quercus petraea * im my front garden

So there are two forms with/without leaves in these Summer and Winter oaks. I don't find why yet.

Sport スポーツ/ホビー

15 Feb 2018


First happening on women speed skating history. Not one but two Japanese ladies stand Olympic honor.


other images in these days.
perhaps exter's nest
rond carnaval 01

Rond carnaval 02

Rond carnaval 03
perhaps a female finch
Rond carnaval 04

Rond carnaval 08

Rond carnaval 07

Every place holds own carnival, my village too. In case of middle Europe, there are well known carnivals, in particular along river Rhine.
Rond carnaval 05

Croccas 180222
Buds of crocuses in my garden have remained more than 3 weeks as it was.
In this moning its petals have opened due to warm temparature.(+2digrees).

Rond carnaval 06
ordinary days like this


Non category



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Victor Westhoff(1916-2001)碑文Hij observeertからのHNを本名と苗字に先立つ屋号に変更。ウエストホフは生物フローラの相互生息環境を丹念に観察したBiotop概念の先駆者。ザザーッとフィールドを歩きつつ、こぼれ見える外史/雑人/雑草の風景


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