ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Hacking, Spy and Battle of secuarity

The woman is stupid presence.  女は愚かなり![Ⅱ]

Why is the female stupid?
A theme since ancient literature… Although the male is terrified to the stupidity, also can't help but surprised to such presence. An example;
My neighbor is a family with two kids, owns a car of reasonable size. The man drives when they all go somewhere. I saw often in front of houses the mother drove to bring kids to school. On one day I bought a heavy material (200 x 50 x 50cm) in 4km away DIY shop. The thing could fit just inside of their car. On a sunny nice day we met each other in front yard. Spontaneously I asked a favor of her the transportation. Smiling to me she said in a lilting voice ; Oh Ken, I'm awfully sorry I have no driving license.

Rebekah Brooks ; Since her arrest 17 July 2011, she has been the most highlighted woman in UK, US and other English spoken countries [Note1]. The criminal court of England and Wales known as the Old Bailey located in London began the Phone Hacking trial on October 2013. Its chief alleged persons are Brooks and her 25 years running mate Andy Coulson.

Rebekah Brooks ; I just associate her with Catherine the Great. A typical feudal absolute empress (Tsar). Her era lasted 34 years and made herself up as an enlightened sovereign. But it was her sales image. She had and needed lovers without a break till her death.
140223 Hacking trial size 640

The era of Brooks in the Murdock Empire lasted maybe two decades. Murdock would be certainly fond of her charm when he saw her (20ager). Her nicname is 5th child of Rupert Murdock [Note3]. She rose up from a researcher of a weekly tabloid to the most powerful woman in Britain's media and a friend to prime ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron. She was then a person near the center of that upper class society.

The glory of Yekaterina II Velikaya (Japanese; エカチェリーナ2世アレクセーエヴナ. German; Katharina die Große) owes to the miserable domestic serfs (slave and peasant ; famer's term) and soldiers of several wars as to expand Russian territory and the loyalty of generals and politician who were ever her lovers. By the way, today you know about Ukrainian domestic warlike conflict. The present Europian largest country became within Russian teritory at the time of Catherine the Great [Note 4].

Catarina 2 640

Shortly ; German name Katharina die Große sounds beautifuland better(fo me). Her girl's name was Sophie Auguste Friederike, a doughter of a ruler in small principality Anhalt-Zerbst. She married with the russian prince and her nephew Peter (later 'Tsar Pyotr Ⅲ'). Official history didn't mention, but Sophie led perfect conspiracy that her one of former lover assassinated Peter Ⅲ. As the result she become Katharina die Große, in spite of no Romanov blood. Her son (Tsar PavelⅠ) might be not her own, but of Sergej Saltykov who was first her lover. Between Tsar PavelⅠand Saltykov, however, there was very little in common due to face and height. DNA test? yes necessity!

In above-written short story, you would find association with Rebekah Brooks. How to make career? From a small land ruler to a big monarch's Empress. You need innocent charm to make advancment in society, in addtion it is necessary conspiracies to rise to the top of the world.

Hacking Trail 03-1
Two days before the arrest by the Scotland Yard, Ms.Brooks had to resign CEO of British branch of News Corporation. Caused or influenced by declarations of NI`s second shareholder and Laver`s leader Ed Miliband.

Reference ; http://zasshizassozatsujin.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-10.html
The date of her resignation was 15 july and that of her first arrest was 17 July 2011 *(second arrest 13 march 2012). A Twitter message on the day impressed me. It was the reason why I continue still this blog but mainly in Japanese as you see.

On 11 July 2011, Blair did phone call to Brooks. An hour talk. She was very familiar with the former prime minister since he formed his own New-Looks-Laver cabinet in May 1997. Anthony advised Rebekah how to deal wih the Phone Hacking scandal where she was the core person.

On 19 Feb. a little sensetional new fact was disclosered in the Old Beilly. A fact that Blair wanted to be private adviser for Brooks and Murdock-side. After the call Rebekah reported the content in detail as an e-mail to James Murdock. Jury members in the trail have heard the e-mail read by a prosecutor. Mr. Blair would worry certainly such closeness between him (gavernament) and her (Media) which took place in whole his period (more than a decade).

Hacking Trail 03-2 640

Why are women stupide? Thinking about the issue, someone said with closed eyes ; Because they think they are always right. When you hear on these days what Brooks testified in the witness box on the court, we would be able to believe it.

1. Few days ago at the Old Baily, Ms. Brooks insisted on ; she did not know till july 2011 that Phone hacking was illegal.
2. While from 1998 till 2009 she authorized a series of payment that journalists asked permission to their bos. The receivers were public police officers and a press officer of MoD(Note 5) who gave internal information to her tabloid. Instead of getting government information, these tabloids compensated public officers with pretty large amount of money. In the media world it is normal and so-called public secret. British law forbid any such activities for the public officials. Clearly Rebekah's one was bribery. Ms. Brooks knew it naturally.

From these facts of 1 and 2 points, everone can learn an obvious contradiction . Ms. former bos of the News International creates own Fairy Tales. It is not lieing at all for her. In another expression, you would say ; hilarious genius. It is as much as similar to the wife of my neighbor[Note 6]. A daily ordinary scene isn't it!

1. Countries where Murdock media-empire has considerable share of the market

2. Russian : Екатерина II Великая, Yekaterina II Velikaya (1729 –1796) was then feudal absolute ruler of Russia (reigning from 9 July 1762 until her death at the age of 67. It is said ‘Russia's golden age‘ like the golden 17 century of the Netherlands.

3. Last year November he divorced with 3rd wife, Wendi Deng after 14 year marriage. Both says ''an amicable settlement'' When he divorced from 2nd wife, it costed reportedly a billion dollar. 'This time? Probably more... Murdock supported three cabinets of Blair's era. Two couples were each other good friends. Now there is a gossip that Tony Blair and Wendi Deng would have affair/relationship.

4. After her first Russo-Turkish War (1768–74) the Russian victories allowed Catherine Ⅱ to realize the policy to the South as to obtain access to the Black Sea. As results the new cities of Odessa, Nikolayev, Yekaterinoslav (means "the Glory of Catherine") were settled. The Ottoman Empire had to return to Istanboel . Through the second the Russo–Turkish War (1787–92) it was made socalled 'power of balans' among western countries (Roman catholik), Russia(Orthodox) and the Ottoman empire (Islam).

5. MoD ; Ministry of Defence, Its former spokeswoman Bettina Jordan Barber accepted more than £100,000 in payments from the News International for a string of military stories. She was charged, fired and sentenced.

6. How do you think whether she has driver's-license or not? Possibly she has never got it, but it was not a matter of her. Or she enjoys herself sudden inspired bright idea so that she can avoid the time-wasting and a tiny hassle.

**** reference; an article of The Telegraph 20 feb 2014.
【The former chief executive officer of News International is still facing one charge of conspiracy to hack phones, one remaining charge of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office and two counts of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.  She denies all the charges and the trial continues】

Hacking, Spy and Battle of secuarity

Woman is stupid presence.  女は愚かなり!

The human is an animal (Hominidae) that can lie. Saying untruth makes often things better, but except black lies or a pack of lies. There are genious or professional liars who are criminal almost.

In a way the male seems to make deliberate invents, while the female to say transparant and childish stories. Who is the most such fake maker? Male or Female?

from Past Articles of 'Hacking Spy...' At this hearing she was the top of News International.
Rebekkah Brooks 02

Lie of woman would be created because of 'woman'. She thinks that she is woman therefore her lie will be accepted. Man would like to believe woman's words although he could imagine it as false. It is said the female has much fantasy than the male.

In other expression, words of woman should never in doubt. Fakes by men are regarded as manipulation or fraud, while transparent simple inventions by women are treated as innocent attraction and even woman's charm.

Andy and Rebekkah. They have been sitting side by side,literally and figuratively, in past 25 years. In 5th january the court began to judge their 'phone hacking' allegation. Their secret affairin 1998-2004 has just disclosed there by a prosecutor. Two weeks from now the court in Central London wll be open after a break.
Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks Murdoch
↑ Mardock father/son

Above mentioned aspects are found in a person Rebekah Mary Wade. 'Woman is stupid presence' is a phrase in literary since human’s memory. Ms. Rebekah Mary Brooks represents it in 21 century.[Note 1]

Reference; マードック・ダイナスティー、US本国で裁かれる? (Be tried Murdoch Dynasty, in US home country?)

Rebeckah col 03

25 years ago she worked for the News of the World. She was a charming girl than an intelligent one, perhaps had not any high quality Qualification. In 2009 became the top of News International, UK represent of Mardock dynasty /News corporation in US. In 15 July 2011 she had to resign from the CEO. Her all career was made by fake journalism which was mainly the phone-hacking.

Ms. Brooks then married mr.Kemp had affairs with college Andy Coulson who is another key figure of the scandal. Both persons denied every suspects on the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee of the British House of Commons.

She declaired always for questions of the Commttee; I didn't know it. At this time of 2014 it will be clear that all her answeres ware lie. She is still a most spot-lighted British woman. Why spot-lighted? World she dwelled and made her carreer is now busy as to publish what it happened with Rebekkah in past 25 years. As you know, UK is the country of Gossip.


1. married with Ross Kemp (m. 2002; div. 2009) and Charlie Brooks (m. 2009)

Hacking, Spy and Battle of secuarity

Edward Joseph Snowden ブクブク泡騒ぎ

上画像;左ヴェネヅエラ大統領マデュロ(Nicolás Madurono)。後ろ写真のチャベスの死後に一番手に成った。 右;ニカラグア大統領オルテガ(Daniel Ortega) 中画像;ボリビア大統領モラレス(Evo Morales】 下画像;国連のバン・キー・ムーンと並ぶアルゼンティン大統領キルチネス(Cristina de Kirchner)。南米の3人大統領が米国の指名手配容疑者の亡命受け入れを争っている。メリットは何だろう。
snoeden 5


一月近く前の6月10日ガーディアントップ一面が下の記事/写真である。今回の盗聴/ハッキングは民間企業によらない。アメリカ合衆国州政府の1部門NSA(National Security Agency=国家安全保障局)による大規模な情報収集。もちろん秘密なる違法行為である。これを暴露したのはNSA勤務スノーディン(30才)。内部告発で、見出しにある`口笛吹き`である。「プライバシーと基本的個人自由を侵害するUS政府を許すことが出来ない」動機が明らかにされている。

Snooden 01

ガーディアンのグレン記者のすっぱ抜き記事以来、30才青年の行方に世界中ジャーナリズムの関心が集まる。ボリビアの・大統領モラレスがモスクワに`私的`風なジェット機で出かけ、スノーディンを乗せ飛び立ったと言う分刻みのトイッターが昨日流れた。何故、貧しいボリビアの人気`実は独裁的`大統領がシャシャリ出てくるのか? 何故プーティンが内外記者人を集めて会見をしなければならないのか?香港からモスクワに飛んだそうなスノーディンは今何処にいる? 


Snooden 02



ドイツやUKで具体的証拠がゾクゾク発見されだした。例えばハッキング器機が壁に埋め込まれていたり、コンピューター室の配線がマニュアルと違っていたり…。アンゲラオバサン曰く;もう冷戦の時代は終わったのよ! EU議会の委員長Martin Schulzが「こりゃーとんでもねーことだ。あってはならん」とドイツ訛りの英語で顔を曇らせている。信頼しているUSに騙されていたショックを隠しきれない。


snoeden 6







‘Snowden, will you marry me?’

空港のTransition Space=乗り換え空間は該当国法律の及ばないニュートラルな空間。そこで長期に渡り生活する例が知られる。収入なしだが、同情者や面白いと思う支援者による助けを得て、目立たぬ場所でまさに`棲息`し続ける。世界記録は2年ほどに及ぶだろうか。スノーディンがモスクワのその空間で日々を過ごしている詳細は伝わってこない。あるロシア女性は「まるでお伽話ネ」と洩らす。トイレ清掃や売店、巡回警備人が日常付き合う人々に成ろう。彼の場合は数え切れないジャーナリストにインタヴューを乞われる筈だから、二重に厄介且つ込み入った生活だろう。お伽話…おおかたの人々の感想であるまいか。




1.Wikleaks, Julian Assange。ジュリアンはエドワードの先達。コンピュータースペシャリストで、国家や企業の不正行為に対する情報開示を行う組織ウィキリークスを立ち上げた。US/UKなどから逮捕令状をうけ、亡命先を探っている。逃げ込んだ大使館から出られないのは、UK外務省の「絶対に出さない」方針による。

2.Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner。旦那ネストルの不健康で2003年5月、大統領選挙に出て当選。2007年2期目は現役と固めた自陣官僚とにより他2候補に差をつけ再当選。過去の軍事政権を否定、女性大統領として巧みに立ち回っている。旦那がドイツ系だが、スペイン語読でキリチネルのように読むそうだ。参照;4月初頭「アルゼンチンのホルヘ三人」と「アルゼンティン話に付いた尾ひれ」



Hacking, Spy and Battle of secuarity


     2013年2月1日`ガ-ディアン`紙掲載画像。Images on paper `Guardian` February 1, 2013.
:April Casburn has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for trying to sell information about the Metropolitan police’s phone-hacking inquiry Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA:

奇妙な誤解があった。不思議ながら、サテライト局SkyNewsとBBCの聞き違いと幾つかのブリテン新聞の読み違いだった、と結論せざるを得ない。UK/phone hackingこのテーマの最近エッセイはApril Casburnについてだった。最終判決が出たと思い、記述している。今朝のサテライトニュースで、判決は昨日出たとのこと。???ながら、勘違いか? とまれ私の痴呆的な事実誤認だった。訂正して謝罪せざるを得ない。

彼女は15カ月刑を受けたと今朝の報道。実際に刑務所に入る分け。幼い養子の世話に対する情状酌量がされ、3年が半分の刑になった。エープリルは実刑を受け、公務員職から(自動的に)解雇された。裁判官Fulfordの判決理由は``進行中捜査の秘密情報を漏らし、代わりに報酬要求したこと。公正であるべき職務にあるまじき腐敗は激しく処罰されなければない」ウンヌン。これは電話を受けたNoWのTim Wood証言を100%信用した結果である。上司へのメイル報告にWoodが思い違いや嘘を書くとは`思われない`と判決文に記しているらしい。Fulfordは``正義の味方=Knight in shining armor``なのだろう。


いやはや輝かしい大英帝国の末裔たる裁判所は小者の弱い者いじめをして、腐敗親分を見逃しているんですな!この分だと、容疑者のスターBruuksとCoulson二人は数年の収監刑を受けるのだろうか…? 50名ほどが訴訟され、今後出てくる判決に於いて個々の容疑者がどんな刑を受けるのか興味が持たれる。

一日の最期に書き散らす散文に勘違い又事実誤認(dementia or factual misunderstanding)が起こる。当然ながら、今回はいささか目立ち、ガッカリ。なお、その日の出来事が多いので日数が経つと、新材料が出てくるため該当エッセイが陳腐になる場合がある。ところで日経や毎/朝/読などの数週遅れのかなりの量の記事を読むことがある。1~3と言う数週遅れだから話題のテーマに関する署名記事だ。しばしば主要都市常駐の記者諸君の好い加減さに驚かされる。理由は、本社幹部の視線を気にしていること、駐在地の生活感覚欠如、当地メディアの理解不足などか。

Hacking, Spy and Battle of secuarity



      Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks Murdoch










ニュース・コープ(News Corp)はニューヨークに本拠を置くUS国籍企業である。そして出身のオーストラリアに、UK/香港/イタリーその他に子会社を持つ多国籍企業だ。英国新聞界の老舗と言えるタイムを始め、幾つかの有力タブロイド大衆紙を買収、それらの統括会社としてニュース・インターナショナル(NI)を置く。

2011年6月、NI傘下ニュース・オブ・ザ・ワールド(NoW)の盗聴スキャンダルが一挙に噴出した[補足3]。スキャンダル≒腐敗として世に出たのはガーディアン紙の記事の力。調査を粘り強く続けた記者(Nick Davies)がいたのだ。ほぼ1年半の期間に動いた組織は、Met三つの捜査チーム、検事局(CPS)、リヴァーソン聞き取り調査委員会である。UK国家安全史上に於いて数多くのスキャンダルが並ぶが、これほど大掛かりで徹底的経緯は初めてではないだろうか。





2.数百名バリスターがいる。参照→7月24日:「知らぬが仏」アサド/キャメロン/某々のキラボシが並ぶ … 
Alison Levitt(48)女史は23才でバリスター試験に合格したそうだから切れ者なのだろう。彼女が首相キャメロンの親しいグループに属するレベッカとコウルソンと他NIジャーナリストたちを歯切れよく告発してきた。




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