ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Politics and economics 政治/経済

24th July 2016 memoriam [from the Future]

Today 24th July 2016 should be a huge memorial day when looking back from the Future. United Kingdam has stayed 43 years in EU, Today it came to the end by the Brexit vote. British people decided it although its leaving procedure will take about two years. What is going on from now? Nobody knows UK's next exact destination.

UK referendum col 3-2 - コピー
Victoria Antoinette Derbyshire on her breakfast show. What a awful makeup (she is getting older and older), anyway 'CAMERON QUIT' at right bottom. The hour's morning show has been occupied only with the result of Brexit vote. Even the impact might be historical phenomenon for not only British nations but also European all alliance as EU.

UK referendum 00-0

Scotland and Northern Ireland would reunite with EU when their referendum take place wether or not becoming independant countries in near future. It is clear in particular for the NSP (a left nationalist party) which is absolute the leading political power in Scotland.

UK referendum col 2

Boris Johnson must have 'glorious opportunity' of Brexit as David Cameron resigns on October. Both belong to The Conservative Party. At this referendum each member of parliament can stand on own choice. It is not matter whoever and whatever is among Labour, Conservative, Liberal, Ukip and Green.
UK referendum 00-3

The bank of England is core of The City, heart of finacial world. Its Governor Mark Carney has immediately announced after disastrous fall of Pound ; we have already prepared and can take any necessary measures to keep our currency healthy.
UK referendum col 5
Just a little recovery has found from the lowest point, thanks to Carney's announcement. However its lowest level since 1985 wiped £120bn off the value of Britain’s leading shares, yet £250bn available to the bank of England according to Carney. [note 1]

1. British main banks such as HSBC, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland have lose 20-30 % of their value. They are in consideration to move lawful offices to other EU countries.

** Additional images on saturday 25th July that is the day after MEMORIAM.
Brexit referendum aftermath that will stay at least until coming election shows clearly tremendous chaos. 1. political parties 2. Financial damage 3. deep crack between two side ; 'Leave' 'Remain'. Who predicted these matters?

Brexit col 05-0

Brexit col 05-1

Brexit col 05-4

Brexit col 05-2

Brexit col 04-6

Brexit col 05-3 Gay palade 25th


Politics and economics 政治/経済

The Empire’s fate depends on the result of this battle,,,,,

Today`s debate in the Wesrminster parliament which has bigon arround noon and is still going on gives a impression of tha famouse phrase as The Empire’s fate depends on the result of this battle, let every man do his utmost duty. [note 1]




It is an historcal day indeed, as it is happenig. It` s about Air attack by UK. Cameron has asked it to the House that it within Syrian soil will take place. The Royal Air Army has been boming already aganst IS in Iraq.




9 hours almost seriously they are debating with a lot of data and political complicated views as well as in datail. More than 150 members wanted reportedly te speech. There are 6 parties. Soon at 22 o`clock the decision will be found whether such air campaign is approved or not.



The house is full, no space to relax. The new leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Bernard Corbyn is busy to speech. He does not agree with Cameron's campaign. This situation is just other way round when Tony Brair as Labour leader realized militaire intervention in Sadum Hussein's Iraq together with Georg Bush. By the way every parliament member will vote according to own decision, although each party has own policy. The responsiblity of the choice should depend on each individual as MP (member of Paliament) regardless of their party., so sounds it.

It is expected naturally David Cameron will win. He has done a great job on his speech, however, will not succeed to obtain British national secuarty as well as no-terro by radical Islam-sect in Europa. Further more ground troop is really necessary in order to kick out IS out of Syria and Iraq. By only Air-campaign it is impossible to wipe out such enemy, that has been shown through years air strikes (by drones in Afganistan and Iraq).

Tomorrow I will continue with more Syrian circumstance of UK. It is quite something in compare with, for instance, Netherlands and Japan.

【Note】 :
1. Japanese : 皇国ノ興廃コノ一戦ニ在リ 各員一層奮励努力セヨ which is translated by William J. Koenig, in his book 「Epic Sea Battles」in 1977. Battle of Tsushima in May 1905 during the war Russian and Japan.

Politics and economics 政治/経済

Windows 10 : Conspiracy of Microsoft [マイクロソフトの悪あがき]



Seemingly I can be writing Kana- Kanji when you see above, but should work it out at first on Japanese word processor. I transfer then the Kana-Kanji text to the Blog page. What a shame and inefficient!

Windows 10 has direct link with Wats-app, namely smartphone en tablet etct.. en naturally with own Microsoft's services in preference than others companies like Google.

Win 10 b
Win 10 a (3)

In my case Epson scanner and Photoshop and some useful programs don't work any more. Few days ago I made accidentally pushing 'Reset' button in stead of Restart' on White Toshiba (A-laptop), this has happened as the result. Namely all basic programs supported by third parties like Canon and abovementioned Google were eliminated, literally everything of concurrent companies. In other words Microsoft Windows 10 threw away customers convenience.

I lost my favourite explorer, Firebox of Mogira, in addition to Japanese language input method from Google. In short, It's a kind of disaster, because I can not miss my own father-land's tongue language. On the day happening after all it took 3-4 hours to let the A-laptop work reasonably on Internet and for daily use.

Win 10 c

Laptop-B remains itself one before 'Reset' stage that means the base of Win 8.1 safely holded, although Epson scanner and other soft/hard devices don't work any more in whole or partial. By now I have been trying to get back Firebox of Mogira and Japanese several handsome devices. However not succeeded yet.

A question is why Japanese Input Method of Google doesn't work , except on Japanese Word processor of MS? I think it is more or less conspiracy of Microsoft which is pathological or ill-minded.

DOS-Window users who use Win 7 and 8 get through Internet an occasional support from Microsoft. It says "no charge" for the time being. Ha ha clever trick, after all for many ordinary people.

It should avoid getting into such trick and beter to wait until all parties devices ready to Windows 10. At the same time, to be honest, EU committee must take action as a legal lawsuit against Microsoft by means of abuse of monopolized basic software, Windows.

* Apple users has nothing to do with DOS-Windows. I have no idea exactly how many DOS users are in the world. It would be certainly majority of world pc-population,

Politics and economics 政治/経済

World-madness against the dolphins hunt in Taiji [Ⅰ] 太地町イルカ漁への世界の狂気

1. Why she doesn't eat horse-meat because the animal is nearest to human. Unfortunately she tastes beefsteak very well. Hilariously bullshit!

2. Why she dones't eat whale-meat because of the animal’s intelligence, Unfortunately she is fond of real Nigiri-zushi. God bless her!

These two comments are sent to the Tweet-network by me. People who follow Zen philosophy consume no Living matter. They don't eat any thing from animals such as eggs and dairy products, in addtion honey and locusts too.This category people is called Vegan but not 'Zen-gan'. Anglo-American veganism was just born after WW2, thus there is nothing to do with Zen.

Tajiji col 03
those pctures taken by different reporters in deffernt organizations. Also by someone of the Sea Shepherd, which is established by Paul Watson.It is a typical 'Environmental Protest Industry'. Shortly to say, it's a business.

Japanese fishermen finish controversial Taiji dolphin hunt
Activists on Sea Shepherd claim biggest hunt for years killed around 40 of the 250 trapped dolphins with another 50 sold on to aquariums

Above ; Heading of an artcle on 21 January the Guardian. You read a word '''contraversial' , Not at all. It is made by 'Enviaonmental Protest Industry' which earns money by 'protset action' and 'spreading such word'.
Hereunder my comment contribution for the Gurdian, concerned with the above report.

Is it the holocaust or barbarism?
What about the catching fish by fishermen in UK?
You don’t see much red blood, but all fishes are really dying. you don’t see it happening.

Because those fishes should be consumed by British folk, you don’t care such ‘genocide’. Reason is perhaps simple that fishes are no intelligent, but dolphins are highly intelligent. You may kill nameless fishes but not lovely-look dolphins.
Is this your logic or moral? Is this the theme of this reporter Justin McCurry?

Natural resources like sea living species (fish and whale) should be efficiently reserved. On the other hand it means also that they may be efficiently used as consumption by us. Otherwise the Sea nature would lose good balance.

The Sea Shepherd needs this kind of scene↓for publication on world media in order to get sympathy like 'Japanese are killing intelligent animals wahales and dorphins, be ashamed!''
Taiji by Sea Schepherd 04

Are Caroline Kennedy and Yoko Ono vegetarian or vegan? Those “celebrities” are nothing to do with hard working Taiji folk. These women might used to enjoy rich dinner with beef/cow or pork/pig breeded by hormone giving program and slaughtered by Mega food industry.

Except vegetarian/vegan you all eat meat as daily food. Exact such people write here quite emotional and illogical opinions. For example ; '' this should shame the people of Japan''. You (Britain) all are really hilarious aren't you!

These pictures are immediately and widely spread in Anglo-Americans newspapers. Photographers are shooting from the mountain overlooking the Taiji bay.
Taiji 06
. Camera-stuff belongs to the Sea Schepherd. The distribution destination of these photographs have been arranged already. All such operation of the Sea-Schepherd is a tactics to avoid arrest.

You should ponder hunting history of human kind. It is true that animals were intelligent. But they were 'fortunately' 'murdered' by human, mostly with a beautiful deep red blood.
Most of comment’s writers here would have no experience to live along outland coast, where the living has been severe wildly and hard. Nobody has right to blame Taijji folk who hunts dolphins which are more than enough as resources.

Who should be ashamed is simple moralist, Anglo-American opportunist, as if they were innocents angel.

Politics and economics 政治/経済

Germany's first ever woman defence minister ドイツ初めての女性防衛大臣

先の12月半ば、三次メルケル組閣がなった。産みの苦しみは三ヶ月、所謂"GroKo"と言われる中道右派と左派の大連立。語彙Große Koalitiontとは、CDU+CSUの右とSPDの左とが揺り籠を共有すること。一次メルケル内閣もグロコだった。一次と三次の幾つか共通項がある。今回の組閣に、しかし、大トピックがある。

Ursula-von-der-Leyen- col 2

メルケルと並ぶのが時の人。55才、7人の子供の母親。二次内閣で労働相を勤め、今回'西側'諸国で珍しい防衛大臣に抜擢された。Ursula von der Leyenと言う人。昔風に言えば、陸軍/海軍大臣である。この職は常に男に属してきた。一躍、古風な独女性名ウ(ル)ズラと、苗字フォン・デル・ラインと言う組み合わせが欧州の脚光を浴びる。

Urzla 09
左の女性;Jeanine Antoinette Hennis-Plasschaert。


Ursula-von-der-Leyen- col 1



Comparison of military spending in the world in 2013

彼女は二次の組閣に於いて、バーデン・ビュルテンベルク(Baden-Württemberg)州政府教育省から連邦政府選挙に出たアンネッテ・シャーヴァン(Annette Schavan 58才)を文化・科学相に起用。アネッテは州政府時代、イスラム被り物ご法度方針で全国的知名を得たキリスト教民主同盟CDUの宗教学の専門家。宰相と同世代のアンネッテは良き党友で、上司に忠実な相談役を果たす。権威であるかのような宗教本を上梓、日の出の勢い、女性政治家シャーヴァンの全盛だった。

博士論文は著名人出世のバネになる。このチェックをするドイツ組織がAnnette Schavanの論文盗作を解明、デュッセルドルフのハインリッヒ・ハイネ大学の激しい再審査が行われた。その結果、彼女の資格剥奪が決定された。輝かしいシャーヴァン履歴はその資格ゆえに構築されてきた。他人の業績を盗用した事実はドイツ連邦の政治文化と、本人自身にとって、Bullshit(ナンセンス=デタラメ≒スキャンダル)と言うべきだ。資格失墜後2013年2月、メルケルは形式的慰留を表明、シャーヴァンは辞職。奢るものは久しからずや!

Ursula-von-der-Leyen- 05
ウル(ズ)ラ女史の初国外出張はアフガニスタン平和駐留軍への訪問。その後、国内各地の基地巡りを精力的に行う。迎える高官たちも初女性大臣に好意を抱いているようだ。前任者トーマス・ド・マイジールが不人気だったわけではないが…。 Eiserner Kanzler(鉄の宰相)Otto von Bismarck(ビスマルク)とHelmuth Graf von Moltke (大モルトケ)コンビが体現したドイツ統一以降から、ドイツ第三帝国の時代を経てこんにちまで、ドイツ軍はBundeswehrと綴られる。プロイセン気質を核DNAにする気合の入った軍隊とみなされる。21世紀のブンデスヴェール総員数は日本と同規模の23~24万人。


Ursula-von-der-Leyen- col 10_edited-1
新外務大臣はFrank-Walter Steinmeier。シュタインマイエルはゲルハルト・シュレーデルの僚友でそのSPD内閣の要'総務'、一次大連立の外相/副首相を歴任した国会ブンデスタークのヴェテラン。CDU独占を覆すSPDの対抗首相候補としては新鮮味にかける。前任者FDPのGuido Westerwelle は真面目だが不器用な人で、時々チョンボが目立ちすぎた。それ故SPDヴェテランはメルケル三次[補註3]にとって信頼/安定要素になろう。

財務省は車椅子のWolfgang Schaeubleが続投。CDU馴染みの顔、EU財務政策に与えるご意見は重みがある。ギリシャ金融危機扱いを主導したのは彼だと言って良い。CDU重鎮だが、シャウブレは最早カンツレル候補にならない。首相職とは新鮮な未来性を備えていなければならない。
Ursula-von-der-Leyen- col 11_edited-1


1. 2012年9月13日の記事;選挙民の戦略的投票行動を参照されたし。
2. Sigmar Gabrie。メルケル三次内閣の副首相で、経済・エネルギー相を兼任。総選挙に至るまでの各州選挙で左派陣営勝利作戦を展開した。しかし本戦で惨敗を帰した。選挙民の判断で負けたので、組閣手続きに一切口出しせず、見守ると選挙後に声明。結果論だが、いま政治家として彼はやり時の機会を得たことになる。グッティンゲン大学出の54才。履歴に離婚両親(公務員と看護婦)と書かれるのは、当時まだ離婚が少なく目立ったせいだろう。

3. 参照→ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Merkel_cabinet

4. 中道右派あるいは保守の既成秩序の階段を上がるために、しばしば論文盗作が起こる。と言うか、無意識に人は過去の論文や先人の仕事を、あたかも自分の創案のようにコピーをするようだ。それが既成政党支持者に多い…ということか。CDU未来の党首と空騒ぎされた新人は、Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenbergと綴る長い名前を持っている。貴族家系を示すのだが、いやはや興醒めなトピックだった。

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Victor Westhoff(1916-2001)碑文Hij observeertからのHNを本名と苗字に先立つ屋号に変更。ウエストホフは生物フローラの相互生息環境を丹念に観察したBiotop概念の先駆者。ザザーッとフィールドを歩きつつ、こぼれ見える外史/雑人/雑草の風景


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