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Oh every day 日々そうそう

Tips of longevity 長生きするコツ

''Scientists say even just 2.5 portions daily can lower chance of heart disease, stroke, cancer and premature death''
With these phrases Sarah Boseley began her article on Thursday, February 23rd. She is a health editor of Guardian. It seems to become a little sensation in social media, where some of my Facebook-acquaintances shared it as so-called Scientific report from Imperial College London.
{note 1}

170223 Fruites

Today evening Internet issue of the Volkskrant which may be a counterpart of the Guardian across the Dover has put question mark on Boseley's wishful article. It says at its end as conclusion:
So sure it's not that you live longer with more fruit and vegetables.


1. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/feb/23/five-day-10-portions-fruit-veg-cut-early-death

Oh every day 日々そうそう

Europe Deadly Floods

This is one of some hundreds of castles along Loire River in central France. Certainly the Loire has been overflowed. Château de Chambord locates in Loire valley and popular tourist attraction, otherwise I`d have never visited 36 years ago. Last year, however, there were reportedly a million visitors. It might be ten times more than my visit with `quick rough drawing`. [note 1]


It says in blue blok↑also about `Suzuki motors emission fraud` . An image on TV shows up very daily ``this and that`` in our ordinary life. The largest small car maker Suzuki followed conspiracies of Vokswagen, Opel and Renalt. Their share percentage in domestic market has lost a great deal. It is a little pain for Mr.Suzuki, the biggest shareholder and CEO who decided to stop cooperation with Volkswagen in regard to `clean engine`.

Frans Casteer 01

Oh poor France is getting disastrous damage by floods according to all 24 hours broadcastings. The castle Chambord had to close, of course thus for the time being no tourist income for governments.
At the same time it has happened mass protests in many chief cities. Hundreds of thousands of people joined the action against proposed labour changes by the Socialist government, on last Thursday, despite of such heavy rain.

President François Hollande seems to be always struggling with high unemployment, terrors by radical muslim and natural devastating phenomenon. If he were Vladimir Putin it would be easy to solve problems. Perfect crackdown against protests, assassinate political enemies by FSB(=KGB) and broadcast own TV show as if nothing happens. France is a republic democratic country and Hollande is chosen by people, no way to become a dictator like a Russian small man.

Floods 01
Seine looked like overflowing yesterday with three times of the amount of water than usual.

Not only France but all central Europe. Netherlands got warning when Hamminkeln was broken. Already low places in some villages along Maas river were under the water. In Braunsbach in Baden-Württemberg Germany, for example, streets changed to raging muddy stream. In Bayern many towns are flowting in the water.
Floods 02
In Belgium Wallonia got at first an attack by Rain-front and today Flanders (Vlaanderen) as well.

At the time somewhere in cetral France I met this boy. He didn`t visit Château de Chambord, but said he would go there because the castle looked lovely. He saw my sketch with explanation by strange letters.. Even such thing lets people come up with something and then he asked politely : maybe you like me to draw.
Jugentherberg 01
I found through my journey a nice fact that quite a people favored to be depicted. Why? they might think it took little time. Indeed my hand moved quick, this boy` sketch needed 10-15 minutes, I guess. To be young means `power`, I could stay outside in winter also for an hour drawing at the period.

Todays mximum 15 minutes I dare to draw that you see ↓hierunder . She wasn't aware then to be targeted as a model. That's why it is natural whether good or bad. I have had just a fun. When such a fun disappear it would be time to make a trip to the heaven, where I continue to go ahead for tiny personal curiosiy.

1. Francis I (François d'Orléans) of the house Valois (1494- 1547) begon to construct this for his hunting lodge. Its location was far from villages. He was a contemporary of Henry Ⅷ (1491-1547) in England.and Charles V (1500-1558) of Spanish king and Holy Roman Emperor. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) lived his last three years nearby the residence of Francis I. The allmighty artist could design partly its building or interior because of friendship with `young` the king of the Frans..

Oh every day 日々そうそう

味噌80分仕込み Miso 80 minutes trial on 6 March

Ingredients : fresh koji 1kg, dried soybeans 0.5kg and salt 0.5g (the precedent : respectively, 1- 1- 0.75kg). In fact salt quantity was both cases excessive. It`s mistake, hah ha ”no use crying over spilt milk” (not milk but salt).

This second trail I do not use the vacuum bag. And use efficiently the old high pressure pan. Why? This time total quantity is rather less than first time. For this reason i can examine another way, expecting to take less working time.

In old pan.... Put water until same level of soybeans which suck enough water last night. It is considered usually 5-6 hours on this stage.

160306 a

At 5 minutes before 10 o'clock I lit gas fire. You see storm and overflows bubbles which leaked out of pressure plug. The part is already broken. It's time fire to stop.

160306 b

Pause a while on topboard. Handle of the plug is set upward to loosen pressure

160306 c

Bring fresh koji into com which is just good for 1kg koji and 500g salt and make koji blocks loosen.

160306 d

160306 e

I thought yellow com big enough, but i exchanged another a little big one by means of adding salt

160306 f

Left : Koji+salt mixture completed. Right : boiled soybeans without remained hot water, so that you don't need to drain it thoroughly. Normal procedure of draining seems to take about 60 minutes.
160306 g

Hand blender is crashing the beans quickly. also possible to leave some beans as it is at your disposal. Socalled Moromi-miso is such kind with which you can taste bean's form as fermented miso. The Moromi may give you mild sweet feelijng, i think.
160306 h

Time to check temperature especially that of smoothly soft mass. In bottom window 51 degrees is shown. Too warm in order to bring the mixture of koji+salt into the pan.
160306 i

Temperature descends to 41 degrees, now you may mix mushed beans and the koji+salt.
160306 j

Then i am making balls of well mixed mass and put them in a container as you see. To make solid round ball may be a fairytale from traditional manner in case of home tiny quantity.
160306 k

At 11:15 it comes the end likewise the first trial on 5th march. You can count whole process time 11:15 - 09:55 = 1 hour 20 minutes.
160306 l

Miso making in 80 minutes, except time to drench beans. it's recommended you leave the container for approximately a year at a place of good ventilation. Further you have to wait its fermentation with unemployment unhappiness (as far as miso concerned).

Oh every day 日々そうそう

Almost Macrobiotic but perhaps mess of Miso

Two kilogram fresh Koji has been delivered recently by dhr uit of Kyoto Japan. Firstly the parcel traveled from city of Yonezawa (miso-maker) in Yamagata to Kyoto (export company). Secondaly 6 days later it got my address through a cargo plane and land network. [note 1]

160302 Fresh Koji 02 砕米麹

It went something wrong. My order was another type of Koji which is dried and has long shelf life. Because of "fresh" it should be immediately consumed otherwise it might be useless. In another words "Gold that was discarded in the groove"

160303 a (3)

I gathered instantly all necessary tools and other ingredients before last saturday. This is the image report what i performed although never experienced. According to most of informations this making process will span several days. The result may fail therefore, I suppose. In the case of becaming edible miso a year later, then it would be miracle.


30 years old high-pressure pan. The part of pressure loosening is defect, But it works about 80 procent, i guess. Indeed soybeans were well cooked within 10 minutes after all. I took enough time, half an hour, to open the lid by way of safety.

4 Alcohol







12 text

having a break with form coffee ¥^-^¥




19 text


22 Lid en for Weight

24 text
First miso-trial date that you notice by the newspaper on saturday 5th march. I began to cook at 11: 45. Soybeans was in water whole night (12 ~ 15 hours). it finished at 15: 20 (phase 21). It took 3 hours 35 minutes. I will see the result a year later, saying `wait and see`. Almost Macrobiotic feature, but perhaps mess of Miso will be ....

1. Koji :Japanese word. necessary for miso, a kinds of yeast which is for bread. There is an English version in Wikipedia, however its writer may be a Chinese or someone who is an expert on China or East Asia. All language versions depend on such volunteer. All of texts is different in term of quality and quantity, and each nations have traditional way of life like that Sake Japanese rice wine cannot mis Koji.

** Many kinds of salt as well that I have not much idears.

Zout en Oordopje vergelijking 01

And at home by coincedence with salts, there are several earphones which are nowadays used by millions of millions folks in combined with smartphones at every inch of corners in the world. Even for me, it's a little pleasure during walking with my participation of the 100st Four days march. All these 3 are not comfortable enough. Or say, it dose not stay in only left ear of mine. I wonder whether or not there are reasonable adjustable quality products.

Oh every day 日々そうそう

E-Ticket & Paperless era [紙無し時代]

151212 Herenveen klein (1)

The team pursuit (Dutch team). This was developed around the millennium by learning Track Cycling, sinds 2006 an official item in major event. Two teams start each other from opposite side. Distance ; men 8 rounds (3200m), Women 6 rounds. The time is counted by latest person's finishing.
151212 Herenveen klein (3)

Sang-Hwa Lee won 500m at first run with the rink record 37.5 which could be a World Record as the almost under-sea-level altitude rink. Her world record is 36.36 made at Salt Lake City, state Utah USA located on the highest altitude (1,425 m, thus low air resistance)
Program 1 440 x

An E-Ticket you see here, unfortunately this is printed although it's not always necessary to do so, when you are available your smartphone. Your phone`s monitor will present your QR (Quick Response) Code that prove your purchase of tickets [note 1].
E-Ticket may be certainly applied to all kinds of event such as concert, sports competition and airplane-trip. You buy it though Internet instead of going to the ticket shop or concerning agency.

151218 Paperless era

The paperless era means that in daily life you would hardly use banknote, € of 5/10/20/50 etcetera. The Dutch tax authority is going to stop delivery of envelope with taxation report to the folk. It's huge amount of paper will disappear when the operation will complete at it's disposal. The substitute becomes a kind of e-mail that each individual receives with their own secret code. Look at the logo (It's symbol mark arranged with two Dutch words : 'Digitale' and 'Identiteid'.[note 2]

People who accepted already DigiD does not get envelope from Tax department any more. It's the case of mine too. Instead of paper note you must take care to check whether emails from the government lie in your mailbox. In general, tax declaration used to being quite complex matter. It's not for only old people but also most of ordinary folk.

In order to getting progress on this Paperless operation the authority have repeatedly improved the tax-formula. It's all about Software which is easy and understandable. Ha ha depending on God hands! You see everyday TV broadcasts which says "no-post from us". 'Us' means the tax-department as you know

151212 Herenveen klein (2)

1. QRC was originated to Japanese auto industry, so that character letter (Kanji→漢字) can be combined.
WikipediA says : "The code uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to efficiently store data; extensions may also be used. The QR Code system became popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes."

2. Digital and Identities. DigiD makes me, however, simple question how to deal with aged people who don`t use Personal computer or smartphone.

ken minatoya

Author:ken minatoya
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