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Sport スポーツ/ホビー

The small takes out the big [the US open 2014]

The small wins against the big. The sport Judo has such a concept, for instance. It seems a little idealism while the fact normally is upside down. The ''big and tall'' has advantage, therefore becomes winner mostly.

klein DSC_0097

How about the Tennis? Big>Small. Tall>Law. Is it true?
Japanese person is in general small. Some cases :
* Kimiko Date-Krumm (43, Birth: 28 Sep 1970) 1.63 m, 53 kg. [Note 1]
* Misaki Doi (23, Birth: 29 Apr 1991) 1.59 m, 55 kg
140829 US open Misaki Doi col 05-1
In the professional tennis circuit, Misaki美咲 Doi土居 is perhaps one of the smallest persons on height and weight. At first glance she looks even spineless. Despite, she has been battling neck and neck with Azarenka who is really 'armstrong'. Amazing isn't it!

Both lose at 1st round respectively to Venus Williams (6-2. 3-6, 3-6) and Victoria Azarenka (7-6, 4-6, 1-6). As you see both 3 set matches, Date and Doi won first set surprisingly. At second set two Japanese has courageously fought against strong top players who has been Grand Slam winners and ever World ranking no.1. Their result of 2nd set were Date 3-6 and Doi 4-6, but the set were very competitive. Two small contenders could have won if and when wind blew other way round.

* Venus Williams (34, Birth: 17 Jun 1980) 1.85 m, 72.5 kg.
* Victoria Azarenka (25, Birth: 31 Jul 1989) 1.83 m, 70 kg.

Venus and Victoria are representative persons in Power Tennis era. When you know their physical conditions, It is clear how they can take great advantage against really small persons. In the final set everyone could recognize the fact that Date and Doi were lack of energy.

140829 US open Errani col 02 klein

Few weeks ago I have dealt with Sara Errani due to explain the Deformation on Art. Her physical figure belongs almost to an average of Japanese women. Italian and Japanese women would be categorized indeed in small nation group although young generation becomes longer and bigger. Sara is however one of the smallest players among other Italians. Look at her length and weight.
* Sara Errani (27, Birth: 29 Apr 1987) 1.64 m, 60 kg.

Errani has met Venus Williams in 3rd round who sent away Doi in 1st round. The match on 29 august went strange at 1st and 2nd set like 6-0, 0-6. Their length ; 1.63 vs 1.85, and weight; 60 vs 70. Seed number; 13 vs 19. Sara maintains herself still within tennis top group and is 7 years younger than Venus. Shortly say, winning chance 50 to 50% for both women.

The match went to tie-break after score 6-6 at 3rd set [Note 2].. At last the score board showed 7-6 in favour of Sara Errani. First time to defeat the ever twice US open Champion Venus Williams.[Note 3]

It is natural that the 'Big'side wins in the sport as well as the war, provided technical skill of both sides is equal level. . ‘’Big and Long’’ in many sports is important conditions to be strong. So is Tennis. But I like to be a witness ‘’small and light’’ comes to winner. That's of course a matter of my taste..


1. Kimiko Date is the oldest woman in professional tennis players, ever world ranking no.4 in 1995. Same generation as Steffi Graf. can be mentioned ''super veteran'. But still staying in hard money-earning world. She is making an unique page in Tennis history.

2. In 4 Grand slams, only the US open has immediate the tie-break when match comes to equal game score 6-6 at the final set (men; 5th set, women 3rd set). In order to decide a winner, the score should be 7-(5-0). When it becomes 6-6, then the match continues until getting 2 points differences, for instance 11-9.

3. on 30 August, Day 6 of Flushing meadow in New york, a small and thin girl has realised one of big upset to win against a big and strong Wimbledon champion 2014 Petra Kvitova. The seeded no.3 from Czech Republic loss at 3rd round. The Cinderella winning story was written by a Serbian qualifier Aleksandra Krunic, 21 years old.
* Petra Kvitova (24, Birth; 8 March 1990) 1.83 meters, 70 kilos.
* Aleksandra Krunic (21 Birth;15 March 1993) current ranking no.145. therefore no info. about length / weight

The match result ; Kvitova vs Krunic 4-6, 4-6.
Te seed no. 2,3,4,6 and 8 has gone until 3rd round which is not only shocking bu also fun and exciting for fan and the organizer.


Art 絵画/ 建築

Deformation in Art  (part 2) [Art precedes the technology.芸術の先行性] [update: An image of Arend]

update: an image of Arend added at the bottom

A TV image that a match winner are signing on glass. Her right hand which grips a magic pen is very large. It is almost same size as her whole figure behind the hand. you don't think it '' Oh strange!''. You are used to take such a image by the smart phone. Because of ''all purpose'' lens, the perspective is emphasized when a part of subject is very close to the lens.

Look at second picture, Her arms and hands are set in correct balance and perfect proportion with her body. Her motion is beautiful [Note 1]. Painters who want to create motion would copy pictures like this. Nowadays they can't miss sports' photographs. It is difficult to find painters who don't take photographs as basic sketch, in not only sport but also all kinds of genre. After copying outline of picture painters add own identity such as color and composition etc.

Cezanne col 01 Case Errani
She is an impressive tough player with shouting due to hit back ball. Her current world ranking ; 15, although no.5 at the time of a semi-finalists of Roland Garros in May 2013. Since then she has lost often at first and second rounds in spite of her strong shout. A small Sara was recently defeated at Canadian Open as well, by German long girl Sabine Lisicki. How about her fight back on next the Cincinnati just before US Open, which begins on 25 August.

The word 'deformation' is derived from a French 'déformation'. In fact the English word is same as French one since Norman conquest [Note 2]. Definitions of deformation ; the action or process of changing in shape or distorting.

According to sense of Paul Cezanne it would not be 'distortion', but a kind of compensation that the painter brings physiological stability into audiences. It is a correction due to emphasis.

Did Cezanne know such effect before trying to paint a model boy on relatively small size of canvas or paper? No, he learned it by many study-drawings .You see following gathering; Front, side, standing etc. What will Cezanne aim to do?

No evidence from those tryings almost. A front images of number 1 seems to have not to do with the deformation. It's not charming, but a reasonable 'study' and a little tiresome drawing to my feeling, except the point color 'Red'.

Cezanne col 03 A red Variatie

The number 3 is appearing something with both arms which are poor and long. Clearly 3 and 4 are linked with each other because of length of left arm. The left arm in picture 4 is hanging lazily from left sholder which inclines down. That's why it looks extra long.

On a moment he might be inspired through such a look. (no idea why the standing boy has an image of 'cowboy') Cezanne gazed again number 2, and decided to give a long arm to the side figure 2、but reversed left to right[Note 3]..

There might be time-gap between studies and the most famous one which is ever stolen by Servian thieves. You would recognize the stolen painting is completed rather than any 'study-works' if compared them. At the same time you can consider a fact that the (post) impressionists did not imagine futures' all purpose lens in photography.

As you see an example hereunder, on 21 century very ordinary people can take pretty impressive pictures without any elaborate effort.

déformation Cezanne col 05-1

The above-left painting is made probably around 1890 when Cézanne 50 years old. An age of recognizing own road in life given by 'god [Note 4]. Indeed he was gradually heading to own identical method which would lead the art from 19 to 20 century.

On 29 July 1890 Vincent van Gogh died. In short period of his later life, van Gogh had just completed own unique techniques, such as flame to burn fiercely. Paul who was 20 years older than Vincent needed some decades as to be established in Art history.

Cezanne was exceptional artist in contrast to van Gogh. At the time most of painters were poor. A case of poverty is van Gogh who repainted often on same canvas and could not pay for models. The fact that Cezanne never had problem financially made what Cezanne is today.

1. A moment of hitting by both arms looks like quite natural, but it was unnatural at the time of wood racket era. Laminated wood was maybe not strong enough for the power by two arms. Or perhaps laminated wood racket was too heavy to handle. Two arms hitting is a method that (at first glance) small weak players can compete with big and strong players, who sometimes still use one arm. Both hands grip was developed in fiberglass and further mixed material era. Tennis racket becomes very light, flexible and super rebound-able. It could be used even through a little unnatural movement.

2. On Octover in 1066 William defeated the king of Anglo-Saxon Harold Godwinson, who defeated just on 25 September the Norwegian king Harald Hardrada invaded northern England.in same september. Around 1072 William established Court and Government together with French language as common standard, especially for noble elites..

3. see ; Deformation (part 1). It's quite interesting a normal position and another mirror image.

4. Confucius (551–479 BC), Chinese great philosopher, says :
The aspired to academic in the 15, Standing in the thirty, and not confuse in the 40. To know the destiny in the 50. To follow the ear in the 60. Not to exceed the rules where you mind determine naturally, in the 70.

** Arend Lucas van Asch **
22 Dec. 2010 - 22 April 2016
131124 met Arend Mozaik col 02


Art 絵画/ 建築

Deformation in Art [part1] ; Bonehead paintings-thieves

Unfortunately the Deformation on Art painting history does not be spoken so much. Why? I have no idea about it.. Since A work of Paul Cezanne was stolen such a vocabulary have never heard too . After its discovery it is all the same. From now on also......

The Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection in Zurich [Note 1] is a small housing which is beautiful old mansion at Zollikerstrasse. Works of ''the oil on canvas'' in the collection included 'Claude Monet', 'Vincent van Gogh', 'Edgar Degas' and 'Paul Cezanne'. Each of those impressionists were stolen on Sunday 10 February 2008 [Note 2].

Cezanne col 04 Klein A mirror image

''The Boy in the Red Vest'' painted in 1888/1890/ by Paul Cezanne. This oil on canvas of ''80 × 64.5 cm'' was only left as a question mark 'whereabout'. There are a couple of versions. Such Red Vest depicts a boy in traditional Italian style.

Funny is that robbers took 4 paintings away that they found at first after getting inside. All of four frames' size are within 100 x 70 cm, just good in order to carry on with arm. Total value was enormous. That's why the news rushed around the world. For example 'The Boy in the Red Vest' is said about 85 million Euro insured.

Second funny thing is that on the same day “Poppy field at Vetheuil” by Monet and “Blooming Chestnut Branches” by Van Gogh were found in a car undamaged in a psychiatric hospital parking. The thieves must be pretty goofy guys. About a year later, “Ludovic Lepic and his Daughter” by Degas was also returned in 2009 [Note 3].

Cezanne col 02 stolen found
Everybody is accustomed with those masked men with machine guns. You see same soldiers on TV, so-called Separatists in Eastern Ukraine. This is typical 'secret military / agent costume'. Rich Russian agents of FSB/GRU do alike style and equipped new machine gun.
But one thing is difference between Russian and the above two men. Russian secret men do without insignia, especially in interference conflict areas. You don't know who they are. Therefore EU imposed on stuff members of Russian securities organizations among other 28 persons (inner circle of Putin).

Four year later the work of Cezanne was found in a 'van' (vehicle) in Serbia. it was cleverly hided between the roof and upholstery. It's result of cooperation with Serbia and Switzerland police which arrested four men..

Famous or ''les famous' arts which are stolen from Western Europe might be often transported through Serbia to Russia. Art-criminal then sold for cash to members of the Russian oligarchs. Ha hah Oligarchs may be fond of masterpieces. Or they take another route which indicates Far East market *(China).

1. Emil Bührle collected about 200 famouse arts. His company produced weapons for ''3de Reich'' during the WW2, became billionaire pro-Nazi industrialist and died in 1956,

2. It took place just before the closing time of museum. It appeared to raid easy because such small museum hardly prepared severe security. It was perhaps one of most sensational art-thief.

3. Three other workes which cost each tens of million euro.
Cezanne col 05 other stolen works 800


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