ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。




Sport スポーツ/ホビー

DATA : IAAF world Half marathon championships [同胞が頑張ったから…]

It's said Half Marathon of the Cardiff university, The events is likely the university festival. A crowd of amateur people runs after the professional runners. Same idea as marathons of New York, Ome in Tokyo and Berlin etct. However, because half of the 42.195 kilometres, the heart load also requires only half. Therefore runners with costume seems also inherent. How many is world running population as a healthy way of life? would be a plenty of millions, or more.... There is particular people to participate such event held in whole world. It is a first-class as hobbyists isn't it!

160326 col 07


160326 col 01

160326 col 02

160326 col 05


160326 col 03



160326 col 06


160326 col 04


Sport スポーツ/ホビー

DATA a world cup [頑張った同胞だから…]

The last Speed Skating events of season 2015-2016. At the same time it`s the last one of the world-cup series.[note 1] I would like to whisper to my patriot about this nice result by ladies discipline *team pursuit*.

team pursuit data 02
Dutch team was favourit, but Japanese team won.
Look at the slightly difference 15/100 seconds!

team pursuit 02
Miho Takagi 高木美帆 Misaki Osigiri 押切美沙紀 Saya Takagi 高木菜那

Further just DATA of this weekend as own note
!st day mens 1000 5000

col ladies 1000m

col men500m ladies mass start klein
Mens 500m result showed Pavel Kulizhnikov as 2nd place, but he was not in Heerenveen at this weekend [note 2].

col men 1500m klein

col men mass start klein

1. Such event used to attract nobody except Dutch. All events are held at different places in Europa, Asia and North America, same style as Formula 1 car races. The winner is a skater who gatherd most points and its price money is $20,000. A tiny amount of money when you think about other popular sports.

2. Pavel Kulizhniko became the sprint world champion weeks ago and the world record holder. He was too fast so that no rival existed until the the Sprint WC. He was found, however, being positive with Meldonium on doping test just after the announcement of Maria Sharapova. Therefore his participation on this event was closed.


Oh every day 日々そうそう

味噌80分仕込み Miso 80 minutes trial on 6 March

Ingredients : fresh koji 1kg, dried soybeans 0.5kg and salt 0.5g (the precedent : respectively, 1- 1- 0.75kg). In fact salt quantity was both cases excessive. It`s mistake, hah ha ”no use crying over spilt milk” (not milk but salt).

This second trail I do not use the vacuum bag. And use efficiently the old high pressure pan. Why? This time total quantity is rather less than first time. For this reason i can examine another way, expecting to take less working time.

In old pan.... Put water until same level of soybeans which suck enough water last night. It is considered usually 5-6 hours on this stage.

160306 a

At 5 minutes before 10 o'clock I lit gas fire. You see storm and overflows bubbles which leaked out of pressure plug. The part is already broken. It's time fire to stop.

160306 b

Pause a while on topboard. Handle of the plug is set upward to loosen pressure

160306 c

Bring fresh koji into com which is just good for 1kg koji and 500g salt and make koji blocks loosen.

160306 d

160306 e

I thought yellow com big enough, but i exchanged another a little big one by means of adding salt

160306 f

Left : Koji+salt mixture completed. Right : boiled soybeans without remained hot water, so that you don't need to drain it thoroughly. Normal procedure of draining seems to take about 60 minutes.
160306 g

Hand blender is crashing the beans quickly. also possible to leave some beans as it is at your disposal. Socalled Moromi-miso is such kind with which you can taste bean's form as fermented miso. The Moromi may give you mild sweet feelijng, i think.
160306 h

Time to check temperature especially that of smoothly soft mass. In bottom window 51 degrees is shown. Too warm in order to bring the mixture of koji+salt into the pan.
160306 i

Temperature descends to 41 degrees, now you may mix mushed beans and the koji+salt.
160306 j

Then i am making balls of well mixed mass and put them in a container as you see. To make solid round ball may be a fairytale from traditional manner in case of home tiny quantity.
160306 k

At 11:15 it comes the end likewise the first trial on 5th march. You can count whole process time 11:15 - 09:55 = 1 hour 20 minutes.
160306 l

Miso making in 80 minutes, except time to drench beans. it's recommended you leave the container for approximately a year at a place of good ventilation. Further you have to wait its fermentation with unemployment unhappiness (as far as miso concerned).


Oh every day 日々そうそう

Almost Macrobiotic but perhaps mess of Miso

Two kilogram fresh Koji has been delivered recently by dhr uit of Kyoto Japan. Firstly the parcel traveled from city of Yonezawa (miso-maker) in Yamagata to Kyoto (export company). Secondaly 6 days later it got my address through a cargo plane and land network. [note 1]

160302 Fresh Koji 02 砕米麹

It went something wrong. My order was another type of Koji which is dried and has long shelf life. Because of "fresh" it should be immediately consumed otherwise it might be useless. In another words "Gold that was discarded in the groove"

160303 a (3)

I gathered instantly all necessary tools and other ingredients before last saturday. This is the image report what i performed although never experienced. According to most of informations this making process will span several days. The result may fail therefore, I suppose. In the case of becaming edible miso a year later, then it would be miracle.


30 years old high-pressure pan. The part of pressure loosening is defect, But it works about 80 procent, i guess. Indeed soybeans were well cooked within 10 minutes after all. I took enough time, half an hour, to open the lid by way of safety.

4 Alcohol







12 text

having a break with form coffee ¥^-^¥




19 text


22 Lid en for Weight

24 text
First miso-trial date that you notice by the newspaper on saturday 5th march. I began to cook at 11: 45. Soybeans was in water whole night (12 ~ 15 hours). it finished at 15: 20 (phase 21). It took 3 hours 35 minutes. I will see the result a year later, saying `wait and see`. Almost Macrobiotic feature, but perhaps mess of Miso will be ....

1. Koji :Japanese word. necessary for miso, a kinds of yeast which is for bread. There is an English version in Wikipedia, however its writer may be a Chinese or someone who is an expert on China or East Asia. All language versions depend on such volunteer. All of texts is different in term of quality and quantity, and each nations have traditional way of life like that Sake Japanese rice wine cannot mis Koji.

** Many kinds of salt as well that I have not much idears.

Zout en Oordopje vergelijking 01

And at home by coincedence with salts, there are several earphones which are nowadays used by millions of millions folks in combined with smartphones at every inch of corners in the world. Even for me, it's a little pleasure during walking with my participation of the 100st Four days march. All these 3 are not comfortable enough. Or say, it dose not stay in only left ear of mine. I wonder whether or not there are reasonable adjustable quality products.


Sport スポーツ/ホビー

DATA : ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships Berlin 2016

Berlin ice rink is much better than Seoul in regard to a number of fans and atmosphere.
160306 Kramer wint

as result of 500 + 3000 + 1500m

For the time being, on going from Berlin at this weekend.
Last discipline 5000m must be happened, anyway this is first case at the moment that Japanese ladies to remain within no.10, besides all of them.

Men classification : as result of 500 + 5000 + 1500m
1 Kramer, 2 Pederson and 3 Blokhuizen. This order did not change as Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists. Sven`award was 8th time, it`s said he would be the champion among other great champions.


Sablikova defended her status again and again. Cheko, Netherlands x 3, Russia and Japan x 3. The land of rising sun is unusual in such result of World championship.

*  At the same time, UK vs Japan as Davis Cup tournament at Birmingham. BBC2 has, of course, broadcasted it. Players are both no.1 in their country, Andy Murray from Scotland vs Kei Nishikori from Shimane.
160306 Devis cup

I saw 3rd, 4th and the last set, enjoyed quite a competitive 5 sets match with nearly 5 hours. The World no.2 took an advantage by his home ground. Nishikori as my young patriot is amazing as such that he is always calm but smiling sometimes in compare with emotional passionate Murray.
Result : UK vs Japan, 7-5 7-6 (8-6) 3-6 4-6 6-3 accounted time : 4 hours and 54 minutes

ken minatoya

Author:ken minatoya
Victor Westhoff(1916-2001)碑文Hij observeertからのHNを本名と苗字に先立つ屋号に変更。ウエストホフは生物フローラの相互生息環境を丹念に観察したBiotop概念の先駆者。ザザーッとフィールドを歩きつつ、こぼれ見える外史/雑人/雑草の風景


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