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Politics and economics 政治/経済

24th July 2016 memoriam [from the Future]

Today 24th July 2016 should be a huge memorial day when looking back from the Future. United Kingdam has stayed 43 years in EU, Today it came to the end by the Brexit vote. British people decided it although its leaving procedure will take about two years. What is going on from now? Nobody knows UK's next exact destination.

UK referendum col 3-2 - コピー
Victoria Antoinette Derbyshire on her breakfast show. What a awful makeup (she is getting older and older), anyway 'CAMERON QUIT' at right bottom. The hour's morning show has been occupied only with the result of Brexit vote. Even the impact might be historical phenomenon for not only British nations but also European all alliance as EU.

UK referendum 00-0

Scotland and Northern Ireland would reunite with EU when their referendum take place wether or not becoming independant countries in near future. It is clear in particular for the NSP (a left nationalist party) which is absolute the leading political power in Scotland.

UK referendum col 2

Boris Johnson must have 'glorious opportunity' of Brexit as David Cameron resigns on October. Both belong to The Conservative Party. At this referendum each member of parliament can stand on own choice. It is not matter whoever and whatever is among Labour, Conservative, Liberal, Ukip and Green.
UK referendum 00-3

The bank of England is core of The City, heart of finacial world. Its Governor Mark Carney has immediately announced after disastrous fall of Pound ; we have already prepared and can take any necessary measures to keep our currency healthy.
UK referendum col 5
Just a little recovery has found from the lowest point, thanks to Carney's announcement. However its lowest level since 1985 wiped £120bn off the value of Britain’s leading shares, yet £250bn available to the bank of England according to Carney. [note 1]

1. British main banks such as HSBC, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland have lose 20-30 % of their value. They are in consideration to move lawful offices to other EU countries.

** Additional images on saturday 25th July that is the day after MEMORIAM.
Brexit referendum aftermath that will stay at least until coming election shows clearly tremendous chaos. 1. political parties 2. Financial damage 3. deep crack between two side ; 'Leave' 'Remain'. Who predicted these matters?

Brexit col 05-0

Brexit col 05-1

Brexit col 05-4

Brexit col 05-2

Brexit col 04-6

Brexit col 05-3 Gay palade 25th


Art 絵画/ 建築

A young lady with Atlantic cod [未婚貴婦人と大西洋の鱈]

The art has, in general, various interpretations. Traditional painting in particular contains astonishing metaphor, because of religious restrictions, taboos and pledges. Mona Lisa painted by Da Vinci is such an representative. There are a plenty of studies and interpretations, therefor many copies and parodies for the most famous portrait in the world in which Lisa was depicted. [note 1]. Her face, however, seems to me raccoon-like, I am very sorry. Such first impression remains in me since I met the real painting in `Musée du Louvre` in 1977. [note 2]

Pacific Cod 大西洋のタラ col 03
Kabeljauw in Dutch, Cod in English, Tara鱈 in Japanese. There are two major cods as `Pacific and Atlantic`. Distinguish point is white side line. Pacific cod equips no white line. Dry cod is practical reserved food, for instance named Stokfish/stokvis in English/Dutch, Bo-dara (bo=stok) in Japanese, It is prepared there as salted dry-fish for newyear recipies which mach very well with Sake.

A scene in where you see a part of a human-size painting shows some kinds of fish. Two or three big fishes may be Atlantic cod, I believe. No idea wether whoever mentioned about its name. It might not be important such a fish name for painters, also critics and commentators of later centuries.
I have by chance an oppotunity in regard to images taken recently in Fjord Norway. A fact that Atlantic cod's speceis is ''Gadus morhua'' does not mean any interpretation.

A lady at the fish market in Antwerp
painted by Adriaen van Utrecht & Marten Pepijn
oil on canvas, 254cm x 198cm : Museum, RubensHuis

Saying ''At first sight, seems to play an ordinary scene ↑ in the fish market in Antwerp. But there is more to it'', the owner museum RUBENSHUIS explanes rather ordinary sexual interpretation on several parts of this life-size painting. Pepijn and van Utrecht hide their view about young lady behind normal market scean. When you read such context written by specialist (=the museum), you would associate it with Japanese Shunga春画 in Ukiyoe浮世絵. Shun-ga means literally ''spring painting'', therefore simply pornography.

Vismarkt col 04-4

1.The lady is wearing a hood. That is a remarkable ensemble, consisting of a black hat crowned with a handle with a wag of silk thread. Attached thereto a precious pleated veil of black silk. This concealing garment symbolizes the chastity of young Antwerp ladies. It has to protect her from the eyes of worshipers as the man with feathered hat at the left. The servants behind the lady seem to keep him at bay.

2.The salsewoman is showing gills of a cod in order to proev freshness, responding to the young lady's request.

3.The salmon fillet refers to the female sex. Certain fish kinds are phallic symbols. An eel slithers towards some open mussel shells.
4.A dog besides the woman symbolizes for marital fidelity.
5.A basket of ripe fruit seems a strange element in a fish market. However, the mature fruit symbolizes the young woman who has reached marriageable age.

It says this painting is approved despite an ambiguous scene. Who and when `approved`? Authorities in the 17 century were the church and the king, I suppose.

1. Her hasband, a Florentine wealthy family Gherardini, commitioned pahaps at end of 15 centuries but the portrait was completed at bginning of 16 centuries (1503 reportedly). Its wood panel (Mona Lisa was not painted on canvas) went from Florence to France with Leonald da Vinci in 1516. The artist lived until his death in Amboise, the place of the king of Frans`s castle. It`s said Leonald refined the portrait in 1516-1517. Finally Francis I, Leonald`s patron required it, since then Mona Lisa has been a possesion of France.

2. reference : former thread *Europa Deadly Floods*.

Oh every day 日々そうそう

Europe Deadly Floods

This is one of some hundreds of castles along Loire River in central France. Certainly the Loire has been overflowed. Château de Chambord locates in Loire valley and popular tourist attraction, otherwise I`d have never visited 36 years ago. Last year, however, there were reportedly a million visitors. It might be ten times more than my visit with `quick rough drawing`. [note 1]


It says in blue blok↑also about `Suzuki motors emission fraud` . An image on TV shows up very daily ``this and that`` in our ordinary life. The largest small car maker Suzuki followed conspiracies of Vokswagen, Opel and Renalt. Their share percentage in domestic market has lost a great deal. It is a little pain for Mr.Suzuki, the biggest shareholder and CEO who decided to stop cooperation with Volkswagen in regard to `clean engine`.

Frans Casteer 01

Oh poor France is getting disastrous damage by floods according to all 24 hours broadcastings. The castle Chambord had to close, of course thus for the time being no tourist income for governments.
At the same time it has happened mass protests in many chief cities. Hundreds of thousands of people joined the action against proposed labour changes by the Socialist government, on last Thursday, despite of such heavy rain.

President François Hollande seems to be always struggling with high unemployment, terrors by radical muslim and natural devastating phenomenon. If he were Vladimir Putin it would be easy to solve problems. Perfect crackdown against protests, assassinate political enemies by FSB(=KGB) and broadcast own TV show as if nothing happens. France is a republic democratic country and Hollande is chosen by people, no way to become a dictator like a Russian small man.

Floods 01
Seine looked like overflowing yesterday with three times of the amount of water than usual.

Not only France but all central Europe. Netherlands got warning when Hamminkeln was broken. Already low places in some villages along Maas river were under the water. In Braunsbach in Baden-Württemberg Germany, for example, streets changed to raging muddy stream. In Bayern many towns are flowting in the water.
Floods 02
In Belgium Wallonia got at first an attack by Rain-front and today Flanders (Vlaanderen) as well.

At the time somewhere in cetral France I met this boy. He didn`t visit Château de Chambord, but said he would go there because the castle looked lovely. He saw my sketch with explanation by strange letters.. Even such thing lets people come up with something and then he asked politely : maybe you like me to draw.
Jugentherberg 01
I found through my journey a nice fact that quite a people favored to be depicted. Why? they might think it took little time. Indeed my hand moved quick, this boy` sketch needed 10-15 minutes, I guess. To be young means `power`, I could stay outside in winter also for an hour drawing at the period.

Todays mximum 15 minutes I dare to draw that you see ↓hierunder . She wasn't aware then to be targeted as a model. That's why it is natural whether good or bad. I have had just a fun. When such a fun disappear it would be time to make a trip to the heaven, where I continue to go ahead for tiny personal curiosiy.

1. Francis I (François d'Orléans) of the house Valois (1494- 1547) begon to construct this for his hunting lodge. Its location was far from villages. He was a contemporary of Henry Ⅷ (1491-1547) in England.and Charles V (1500-1558) of Spanish king and Holy Roman Emperor. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) lived his last three years nearby the residence of Francis I. The allmighty artist could design partly its building or interior because of friendship with `young` the king of the Frans..


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