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Does the fashion repeat like Zodiac circle?

A famous label; a dog is listening music. Please refer to articles at the bottom of this thread.
Nipper 01_edited-2

Have a look this lady! Her classic dress and big hat, colour combination as well. She might be a singer in 'Early American time', more than half century ago. It was 18century.
You can recognize LP. LP itself is red colour. Before Compact disc(CD) it was Long play (LP) and Single play (SP) era.

It is said that Japanese companies ever developped reddish LP in the 1960s. It aimed to avoid electrification on LP. I never saw such red colour LP . Black was always general by now. The red colour LP of Caro seems to be just by sales strategy.


You see the tytle 'The Shocking Miss Emerald'. In the UK album chart April 2013, it went to her first UK No.1 album. This LP is her second studio album. Her name is Caro Emerald, a pseudo name, which is taken from the real name Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw. She is not a 'Early American' person, but a cotemporary young lady, born 26 April 1981, 32 years old.

Dutch father and Aruban mother and lives in Amsterdam. The Hybrid has an exotic atmosphere. ''Amsterdammer'', says Dutch, who lives there. She sings Dutch pop and Jazz, those which belong to 'Early American' of 18-19 centuries. There are enought reason for her to record her pop/jazz in LP.

Men says sometimes 'Mode revives'. I don't know these terms as Mode or Fashion. According to my feeling 'fashion' would be 'epidemical phenomenon in genera. Mode would be nearby in clothe (costuum) world.

Zodiaque chinois 01

In the case of Caro it is certainly the repeat of the early American, but with a taste of 21 century. Hereavove you see Chinese zodiac chart. In Japan it is called 'ju-ni-shi', means 12 animals. Thers are 12 animals in a circle which is dvided exact by 30 digrees, thus 12 segments. Unfortunately I don't know the orizin of Chinese zodiac. Anyway it's same or similar to Babylonian ovservation.

十二'Ju-ni' means Twelve. 支'Shi' means signs of the zodiac. One round is the period of 12 years. By repeating 5 times 12 years is 60 years. When someone becomes 60 years old, it says 還暦'Kan-reki' ,which means sixtieth birthday. 環'Kan' means a circle like wheel. 歴'Reki' means the calendar.

Why should it repeat 5 times? It's complicate story behind which depends on univers. It kan be said that we return on a point where we were born after 60 years on our earth. You would maybe reborn or bigan just into second round.

Zodiaque chinois 02

It may be possible
to know statistical revival terms in the mode (≒ fashion) world. The industry expert in Milan and Paris, not only that period, but also seems to plan artificially revival mode. It is said that success rate is much higher. It would be same as making trend of this year's lipstick. It is ridiculous story for men of rudeness like me, but it makes sure to be a serious plan for the industry.

There is a litte time away until the revival of the LP record of Caro. The era of compact disc was a decade ago through a variety of methods from the LP' era. Many people have a old-fashioned stereo set yet which included a turntable with an arm and needle at arm's end. If you estimate even generously, it would have passed 12 years. It is one round of Zodiac circle as if a LP turned one rotation.

LP col -1

This is a record playing device, which refers to the phonograph. Decoration of the front panel is plastic, it is in the plating specification. Music equipment which is indispensable to the tavern and casino's 1920-30 was shining chrome plating always. Imitation of them is seen in this machine. This might be older than the turntable of stereo set in the home. The Design of 80-90 years ago in some cases. This is a revival product which are selled briskly now.

I do not know the performance of this revival-product which may be said a red "anachronism". Promotion team of Caro made a planning, and might have to outsource production to China. Appearance design represents clearly the atmosphere of the 'early American' civilizations. An atmosphere of a dog called Nipper listening to phonograph of the famous brand, Victor. It was the beginning of the 20th century.

I don't care at all of such life cycle. It may be 6 years or half circle of Zodiac, a full circle of it, or more like 60 years. Simply it is a fashion, a kind of A BULLSHIT.

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