ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Sport スポーツ/ホビー

Do It Yourself ; ''Wood artists'' often they are!

The baking is ''Do It Yourself'' too.
My pseudo carpenter is alike as Croissants-baker.
Have a look a couple of collage!

Facelift of Top 01 Cut 19mm
This small circle saw can cut the exact depth. in this case;19mm

Facelift of Top 02 Cut 19mm

Even in my 17.000 inhabitants' village there might be hundreds of artists. You can imagine how a such tiny country like The Netherlands is filled with numberless ARTISTs. Everywhere everyone ''Kunstnaar'' , although I have no idea who may be an amateur or professional.

If you think about inhabitants number of Netherland 16 vs Japan 126 (millions), the number of Dutch artists could be 1/8 of Japan. In realty, however, it's other way round. In a village in Japan you experience hardly to meet with Artists, while a plenty of exhibitions in million’s city Kyoto seems to be organized. In a way the landscape of artists in Europian (some) countries is an incredible phenomena!

Facelift of Top 03

Facelift of Top 06

Facelift of Top 05

The majority of them may be Painters by means of oil or Aqua-colour, but also Sculptors who create classic/modern objects. The minority of Sculptors' category bilongs to centuries old profession;Carpenter. They deal with wood. I am used of enjoying to see them, which are often beautiful wood works.
I am accustomed to Craftmanship, because I grew up in Kyoto where the traditional craftmanship exists with materials like wood, Bamboo and metal etct. In here villages and towns, there are certainly masterpieces of wood with the craftmanship. It’s amaging.

Who are makers of wood pieces? I guess they are not amateur like me at all, though they cannot get fully bread from the activities. Sometimes they are just teachers in elementary school or workers of village's administration who has relatively enough free time. To make something creative you should have time, I would say, as to waste time. For example, look at Alberto Giacometti who just wasted endless time for nothing.

Three shallow drawers along the curved table top.
Facelift of Top 04
At saturation point that the oil is not absorbed any more, you take it away from surface by cloth.

Facelift of Top 08


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