ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Nature 雑草 フローラ/ファウナ

Wild 野生? a definition of it: [1] walking along 'Reichwald' 20 km'

Being alone here in deep Forest you would feel ''Nature'', real natural circumstance where is filled with wild life namely Fauna and Flora.
But the Reichwald lies in very middle of central Europa [Note 1]. From head to toes, here is a region that is fully managed. Remember a fact about central Europa that there is nowhere primitive forest any more!
Is the nature that we human manage and maintain ''Nature''?


It appears to the dense forest occupied only two kinds of flora, ferns and conifers. This planting division is always like this. Is it ´natural´? The tree species is most popular in Europian forests. It´s a typical Christmas tree ''Picea abies'' (Norway spruce / Fijnspar / ドイツトウヒ) : quick growth, therefore effcient productivity, one of best economical wood for all general use.
It may be associated such states forest with farming fields. Corn, potato and sugar beet are cultivated in huge field that you can not see its end of boarder. There is no socalled Biotoop. Corn grows intensively without any family group plants so as the Chrismas tree...

Sometimes I am used to walk in Reichwald by means of zigzag as though I lost direction. It was not really Walk at all, because having single-lens reflex camera with several lens. By the way you can't plan route and time as to find out hidden treasures.

140708 turning point col 01 640x640

Next collage, Thistleアザミ ; I saw just before the Reichwald. It is farming area. You see here and there houses.
140707 Wegdistel col 01 640x640

On the last saturday, however, I have walked on as a normal walker. Start at 08.22 from home and came at 13.35 back. It might be about 20 km distance. What I took pictures are presented here on this thread, They were taken quickly and quite at random by a compact digital camera [Note2].

140708 Weegbree col 01 800x800
Plantago major →大葉子 Obako in Japanese, Direct translation from general Europian name like Large leaf. When did it land into Japanese soil? I can make sure only a fact that it was far earlier than Meiji era when nomenclature pioniers gave the plant this name; Obako. Why 子→ko (literally means Child) behind Oba ? It's possible Oba-ko was already existed name in japan. .子→ko is often used in traditional way for familier and lovely person as a sufix. *(refer: Yoko Ono). Indeed evryone knows this species among Japanese folk..

140708 Zwarte toorts col 01 800 x 800

For most people, walking is the act of unconsciousness. If you do not walk, you can not bring letters to a postbox at the corner. Among the mammals which walks on two legs, it's only humankind which can make walking itself as main purpose.

1. ReichWald → National forests. Here I consider a proper names, espessialy as a German term.
*(refer; Derde reich→第三ドイツ帝国) 
2. Pentax optio VS20. an unique 'CONDIGI' with special specification. It's not easy to handle, maybe because of neither Nikon nor Canon. The brand Pentax is nostalgy of mine. I used to take it 30 years long. Unfortunately the original company Asahi Kogaku couldn't manage its independence. In course of managing conflict the brand Pentax may be disappear by the owner company 'Ricoh Imaging'. By the way camera product of Samsung from Korea depends fully on Pentax technology.
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