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Ukraine on Fire Ⅲ : MH17 shot down [Update; Nikolai Fedorovich Tkachev] 

Nikolai Fedorovich Tkachev, identified Russian three-star general

This general, Fedorovich Tkachev was reportedly at a city Krasnodon in eastern Uklaina when Maleysian passenger airoplane was shot down on July 17, 2014.
He coordinated the warfare as the highest officer who was dispached to Uklaine.
Three days ago it was published by a newspaper at Sydney. Immediately most of major medias in the world have followed the downing with more detaild informatiom.
Two examples of articles ↓


MH17 05
the missile launching site, Snizhne

******** Hierunder written on 23 July 2014 ********
''Ukraine on fire'' began in November last year when pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych exchanged the main partner from the EU to Russia. It meant the fact that Ukraine came back again aside with Russia. [Note;1] But his regiem had to fall down on February 2014 [Note;2]..

For the little man who gained the presidency by election fraud, it must have happened domestic conflicts inside Ukraine. The land must be a satellite state of Russia. It should not allow Ukraine to be a member of the EU.
At the same time it is a ambition before him to make again the glory of the Soviet era and the imperial period. It is an anachronism to push the geo-political territorial expansion in the 21st century. But realizing the Sochi Winter Olympic Putin he got self confidence as the absolute ruler in Russia. He went on further.

140722 lose of Russina richest col 01 x640

It's just a mistake of the rebels which is the Oplot fighting group of separatistst. They have thought the plane was a Ukrainian military craft in stead of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.
Such awful mistake would happen at any moments by self-declared 'Republic' in a Eastern area ''Donetsk''.

The core persons of the 'Republic' are not Ukrainian, who are originally residents in Russia. They have been always sent to peripheral nations (part of the former Soviet Union) where Russian language is spoken and have engaged in disrupting work. It is, so to speak a professional mercenary sponsored by FSB/GRU [Note3].

Two known persons are Alexander Borodai and Igor Girkin. Respectively self-made Prime minister and Military top. They are not 'Separatists' at all, but a kind of 'invader', having a mission in order to destabilize those countries.

140722 Russina Missile escape col 02 x640
Buk carries 4 missiles in normally. One is missing in above pictures although it is not clear image. This image is only a moment in a video film. You'll find it when watching the short film. The missing missile might be the one which shot down MH17.

Pro-Russian amatier-militiamen are more or less separatists and residents in eastern Ukraine. They are provoked, stimulated and encouraged, futher equiped (everything from clothes to machine gun by Russian military-logistics [Note,4].. Some are teenage soldiers who get training in Russian territory. There is about 40.000 Russian Millitary stationed along the border since the Crimean crisis..

Putin has been setting up the influstracture of his geopolitical ambition in eastern european areas [Note,5]. In other words Europa has given him enough opportunity to realize it, because Germany, France and UK can not mis oil and financial investment from Russia. Netherlands raw oil import from Russia counts more than 30 % in the whole. Germany owes to Russia, reportedly the half of its raw oil use.

140722 Russina Missile escape col 03 x640

Putin regime have prepared the circumstance, in this case, in Ukraine. From the south *Crimea to the north *eastern Ukraine, they created a kind of conditions in which incidents would happen. Top of 'separatist' dispatched by certainly FSB could not manege everything under control in case of simple mistakes.

That happened really. A passenger aircraft shot down. It's mistake of Putin. He can't say no responsibility or nothing to do with the accident. His lie refers to that of Lance Armstrong that the sport history ever had as the man of worst conspiracy. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin made an unhuman crime again after one another.

1. Refer : Ukraine on Fire Ⅱ : Qualification of dictator [独裁者とは…] (written on 01 June)
Also refer to → Blog number 350 on 27 Jan. 2014

2. Viktor Yanukovych tried to crack down the protesters who occupied a couple of months the Independence square (Maidan) in Kiev. He used the Ukraine security forces, of which one third ware Russian FSB agents. Snipers who killed protesters ware reportedly employed privately by Yanukovych.
As you now Yanukovych regime fell down. On 21 February 2014, he fled the capital (with billions-money stolen from the national revenue) for Kharkiv, and via the Crimea to exile in southern Russia.

3. FSB ; Russian Security Service / GRU ; Russian Millitary Intelligence Agency. All such security Russian organizations have certainly direct link with the president Putin. He had been a specialist to do so or te create conspiracies. He was KGB agend in Dresden former DDR (East Germany).

4. The word Logistics is a term of Military. Nowadays it's so popular that even simple haulers in towns have self-proclaimed to be Logistics Specialist. Logistics refers to supporting the military activities of the Front. It means gathering things and delivery in the rear which is complex precise operations. The logistics affects the outcome of the battle.

5. it is not only in eastern Europa but also in many disputed areas like Georg and Sylia,
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