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Deformation in Art [part1] ; Bonehead paintings-thieves

Unfortunately the Deformation on Art painting history does not be spoken so much. Why? I have no idea about it.. Since A work of Paul Cezanne was stolen such a vocabulary have never heard too . After its discovery it is all the same. From now on also......

The Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection in Zurich [Note 1] is a small housing which is beautiful old mansion at Zollikerstrasse. Works of ''the oil on canvas'' in the collection included 'Claude Monet', 'Vincent van Gogh', 'Edgar Degas' and 'Paul Cezanne'. Each of those impressionists were stolen on Sunday 10 February 2008 [Note 2].

Cezanne col 04 Klein A mirror image

''The Boy in the Red Vest'' painted in 1888/1890/ by Paul Cezanne. This oil on canvas of ''80 × 64.5 cm'' was only left as a question mark 'whereabout'. There are a couple of versions. Such Red Vest depicts a boy in traditional Italian style.

Funny is that robbers took 4 paintings away that they found at first after getting inside. All of four frames' size are within 100 x 70 cm, just good in order to carry on with arm. Total value was enormous. That's why the news rushed around the world. For example 'The Boy in the Red Vest' is said about 85 million Euro insured.

Second funny thing is that on the same day “Poppy field at Vetheuil” by Monet and “Blooming Chestnut Branches” by Van Gogh were found in a car undamaged in a psychiatric hospital parking. The thieves must be pretty goofy guys. About a year later, “Ludovic Lepic and his Daughter” by Degas was also returned in 2009 [Note 3].

Cezanne col 02 stolen found
Everybody is accustomed with those masked men with machine guns. You see same soldiers on TV, so-called Separatists in Eastern Ukraine. This is typical 'secret military / agent costume'. Rich Russian agents of FSB/GRU do alike style and equipped new machine gun.
But one thing is difference between Russian and the above two men. Russian secret men do without insignia, especially in interference conflict areas. You don't know who they are. Therefore EU imposed on stuff members of Russian securities organizations among other 28 persons (inner circle of Putin).

Four year later the work of Cezanne was found in a 'van' (vehicle) in Serbia. it was cleverly hided between the roof and upholstery. It's result of cooperation with Serbia and Switzerland police which arrested four men..

Famous or ''les famous' arts which are stolen from Western Europe might be often transported through Serbia to Russia. Art-criminal then sold for cash to members of the Russian oligarchs. Ha hah Oligarchs may be fond of masterpieces. Or they take another route which indicates Far East market *(China).

1. Emil Bührle collected about 200 famouse arts. His company produced weapons for ''3de Reich'' during the WW2, became billionaire pro-Nazi industrialist and died in 1956,

2. It took place just before the closing time of museum. It appeared to raid easy because such small museum hardly prepared severe security. It was perhaps one of most sensational art-thief.

3. Three other workes which cost each tens of million euro.
Cezanne col 05 other stolen works 800

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