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The small takes out the big [the US open 2014]

The small wins against the big. The sport Judo has such a concept, for instance. It seems a little idealism while the fact normally is upside down. The ''big and tall'' has advantage, therefore becomes winner mostly.

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How about the Tennis? Big>Small. Tall>Law. Is it true?
Japanese person is in general small. Some cases :
* Kimiko Date-Krumm (43, Birth: 28 Sep 1970) 1.63 m, 53 kg. [Note 1]
* Misaki Doi (23, Birth: 29 Apr 1991) 1.59 m, 55 kg
140829 US open Misaki Doi col 05-1
In the professional tennis circuit, Misaki美咲 Doi土居 is perhaps one of the smallest persons on height and weight. At first glance she looks even spineless. Despite, she has been battling neck and neck with Azarenka who is really 'armstrong'. Amazing isn't it!

Both lose at 1st round respectively to Venus Williams (6-2. 3-6, 3-6) and Victoria Azarenka (7-6, 4-6, 1-6). As you see both 3 set matches, Date and Doi won first set surprisingly. At second set two Japanese has courageously fought against strong top players who has been Grand Slam winners and ever World ranking no.1. Their result of 2nd set were Date 3-6 and Doi 4-6, but the set were very competitive. Two small contenders could have won if and when wind blew other way round.

* Venus Williams (34, Birth: 17 Jun 1980) 1.85 m, 72.5 kg.
* Victoria Azarenka (25, Birth: 31 Jul 1989) 1.83 m, 70 kg.

Venus and Victoria are representative persons in Power Tennis era. When you know their physical conditions, It is clear how they can take great advantage against really small persons. In the final set everyone could recognize the fact that Date and Doi were lack of energy.

140829 US open Errani col 02 klein

Few weeks ago I have dealt with Sara Errani due to explain the Deformation on Art. Her physical figure belongs almost to an average of Japanese women. Italian and Japanese women would be categorized indeed in small nation group although young generation becomes longer and bigger. Sara is however one of the smallest players among other Italians. Look at her length and weight.
* Sara Errani (27, Birth: 29 Apr 1987) 1.64 m, 60 kg.

Errani has met Venus Williams in 3rd round who sent away Doi in 1st round. The match on 29 august went strange at 1st and 2nd set like 6-0, 0-6. Their length ; 1.63 vs 1.85, and weight; 60 vs 70. Seed number; 13 vs 19. Sara maintains herself still within tennis top group and is 7 years younger than Venus. Shortly say, winning chance 50 to 50% for both women.

The match went to tie-break after score 6-6 at 3rd set [Note 2].. At last the score board showed 7-6 in favour of Sara Errani. First time to defeat the ever twice US open Champion Venus Williams.[Note 3]

It is natural that the 'Big'side wins in the sport as well as the war, provided technical skill of both sides is equal level. . ‘’Big and Long’’ in many sports is important conditions to be strong. So is Tennis. But I like to be a witness ‘’small and light’’ comes to winner. That's of course a matter of my taste..


1. Kimiko Date is the oldest woman in professional tennis players, ever world ranking no.4 in 1995. Same generation as Steffi Graf. can be mentioned ''super veteran'. But still staying in hard money-earning world. She is making an unique page in Tennis history.

2. In 4 Grand slams, only the US open has immediate the tie-break when match comes to equal game score 6-6 at the final set (men; 5th set, women 3rd set). In order to decide a winner, the score should be 7-(5-0). When it becomes 6-6, then the match continues until getting 2 points differences, for instance 11-9.

3. on 30 August, Day 6 of Flushing meadow in New york, a small and thin girl has realised one of big upset to win against a big and strong Wimbledon champion 2014 Petra Kvitova. The seeded no.3 from Czech Republic loss at 3rd round. The Cinderella winning story was written by a Serbian qualifier Aleksandra Krunic, 21 years old.
* Petra Kvitova (24, Birth; 8 March 1990) 1.83 meters, 70 kilos.
* Aleksandra Krunic (21 Birth;15 March 1993) current ranking no.145. therefore no info. about length / weight

The match result ; Kvitova vs Krunic 4-6, 4-6.
Te seed no. 2,3,4,6 and 8 has gone until 3rd round which is not only shocking bu also fun and exciting for fan and the organizer.

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