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Terrorism テロ

People who did not celebrate Christmas  [イスラムとかけて]

The party has been over. On 6th January Christmas tree should be stored to storage or brought to county's gathering place. Everybody turns back to ordinary life. Stomach which become thick because of festivity menu will turn back ordinary size too.

I learn an unusual matter that there are people who did not celebrate the Christmas and New Year. It's a little surprise. Hier Europa is, in principle, based on Christianity. To enjoy this period with the birthday of Christ was more or less a printed matter on the double helix ride of genetic information.

1st Christmas day 25 Dec. 2014 01

I am never conscious of the fact many individuals dinay to spend such joyful days. I know, however, some religious groups are known to do it. Needless to say it's within Christianity. Most famous one is Jehovah Witnesses. You would experience to be visited by very very sincere two persons. Another name is perhaps The Watching Tower. Those perspns have never celebrate the birth of God's child [note 1].

Not only religious people but also a plenty of singles are same. Particularly old generation. Because of being single they do nothing special. Most of the case concerns to pretty social matter as a post industrial era. Hiereabout later....

1st Christmas day 25 Dec 02

Who decorate nothing in their houses on Christmas-New Year, except above mentioned groupes? People who works hard has no time to spend themselves for Christian holidays. Why? They don't belong to Western European culture although being born and living there. They are descendant of foreign immigrant. Called second generation. It's said that majority of them is Muslim who believes Islam.

A big deal of French muslim came from Algeria in North Africa that was then a colony of France.Three guys have had an aim that is due to their supreme religion. Today it may be a best oppotinity to carry out the aim. Everyone attend to office as the first day after official end of the period as Chiristmas-New Year. An ordinary day, 7th January. For this day everything is prepared, planed and investigated. Now what is left is to realize godly mission. Allah is always by their side. Two brothers and a companion went to the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, where 12 people were killed including the editor and celebrated cartoonists by them [note 2].

Attack 02

According to French police, suspects in connection with the attacks are Cherif Kouachi (32) and his brother Said (34), also Hamyd Mourad (18).. Indeed they did not want to celebrate Christmas days.

Attack 01

1. Jehovah Witnesses.: there are good articles in Internet about this organization. Please refer them. .In Belgium this religious group is considered as a sect. I am used to get their visit several times in a year.
2. Refer: http://zasshizassozatsujin.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-166.html
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