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Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

A singer songwriter with an oil painter in 19th century  [1(prologue)]

Two individuals whom I here describe.
Nobody is not able to escape from the Zeitgeist.
[note 1]

150115 Stephen Foster 03

There is not anyone who does not know him. Needless to say in United States, also in Japan, where such phenomena is same among not only mature generations but also contemporary young people. This looking good man is surely one of the most respected person in US. [note 2]

Een zelfportrate 01

Like Vincent van Gogh, Stephen Collins Foster was an individual in nineteenth century. A fanatic Brabants painter of the Netherlands contrasts with a musician of Pennsylvania of US. When Vincent was born, Stephen was 27 years old. It was vital young age that the most glorious activities in his music accomplishments were realized.

150112 Foster and Gogh 01-1

You may recognize this melody, maybe can sing if you can read the staff notetion. I 'm sorry the picture is too smaal to sing. "Old Folks at Home" is known also as "Suwanee River" published in 1851. The original and today's Lyrics as following ; (only 1st verse)
Orinal Lyrics and Contemporaly

Stephen Collins Foster is appreciated as Father of American music due to compose this songs together with many well known numbers . Saying also ''American Classic'' though it is not a kind of music for Christian Symphony or royalty and the aristocracy at all. Good expression is Folk song isn't it! Songs for everybody.

* Black and white image of Foster : I guess, probably it was taken by Augustus Washington, an African-American photographer. Around 1850s it began primitive photography in ordinary life. People had to stay long time before ''a box' socalled Daguerreotypes'. You must pose without moving! Exposure time reduced from !0 minutes (1820s) to a couple of minutes (1850s). Foster's image shows that he was patient enough.

** van Gogh left a plenty of self portraits. This one is probably painted in 1887 at Arles Provance.France.
1.the spirit of the time → zeitgeist (English vocabrary from German. 'tijdgeest' in Dutch) : the moral and intellectual trend of any age or period.
2. In Japan pupil's activities are often practised by socalled 'clubs at school, so music too、 as club of Banjo, Ukulele and Orchestra. That's why Foster's tunes are popular among young people.

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