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Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

Framework ❸ [Incidence of light with Lili Marlen] [update with YouTube song]

Very original singer whom I mentioned on March 14 2015
found this version today,

The 45 degrees incidence of light makes exact same quantity of shadow.
Half of the right angle becomes bisector figures that seems to be symbolic. To cut a piece of wood by 45 and 30 or 60 degrees are the same to me, but bring each different shadows down.
''Incidence of light'' is 'Lichtinval' in Dutch. It is a clear and lovely word,

In the train 01

There is a couple of Design names in my frame-work. One of them is Lichtval instead of Lichtinval. One you see hereunder is a variation in the category Lichtval. You find maybe 45 degree cut slope at one side.


Lili Marleen
Vor der Kaserne
Vor dem grossen Tor
Stand eine Laterne
Und steht sie noch davor
So woll'n wir uns da wieder seh'n
Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n
Wie einst Lili Marleen.

sung by Lale Andersen

Kaserne → カゼルネ:軍隊駐屯地。カゼルネの門傍に立つランタン、そこで出会う恋歌
Erectrola was subsidiary of British company in Berlin. The first LP was recorded on August 8th 1939.
The subsidiary was taken by Nazi (Nationalsozialismus) regime in its autam.

Lichtval var 05-2 with Lale Andersen LP

This seemed to be the first edition which was recorded on 2 August 1939, by Electrola Studio, Berlin. . There are following text printed in the lavel:
Lili Marlen / (Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens) / Sdenltze-Leip / Lale Andersen mit Orchester / Dirigent Bruno Seindler-Winkler
''Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens'' means ''song of a young sentry''
. [note 1]

Lili Marlen of Decca by Malrene Dietrich

Decca's single version of Marie Magdalene (Marlene Dietrich) appeared on 7 Sptember 1945. This is a cover of the original of Lale Andersen. Note different spelling as ''LILI MARLENE'' instead of 'Lili Marlen'. Marlene Dietrich moved to USA 1930 and became a little known. This cover of Andersen' song at the war-front made her real star. Both German women ware active in show business after the war, and performed sometimes ''Lili Marlen', but both by own way of singing naturally.

sung by Marlene Dietrich
I understand why 30 million sellers in US

1.''Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens'' → 若い歩哨(門衛)の歌
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ken minatoya

Author:ken minatoya
Victor Westhoff(1916-2001)碑文Hij observeertからのHNを本名と苗字に先立つ屋号に変更。ウエストホフは生物フローラの相互生息環境を丹念に観察したBiotop概念の先駆者。ザザーッとフィールドを歩きつつ、こぼれ見える外史/雑人/雑草の風景


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