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The Bluebells of Scotland : Scottish folk song [1]

Harebell ''Companula rotundifolia''
Companula rotundifolia Harebell 02-2

The free encyclopedia Wikipedia bigins with next sentence : The Bluebells of Scotland is the usual modern name for a Scottish folk song. It was written by Dora Jordan, an English actress and writer. First published in 1801.

150624 The bluebells of scotland Traditional 01
The Bluebells of Scotland→スコットランドの釣鐘草

In this score on old brown paper you can recognize a word 'traditional' at right-above corner. What does ''traditional'' mean? It may be the Lylics written by Dora Jordan. It is then following text although I can't read it clearly on the brownish score. I picked up a text from another source that consists of 5 sections. The 1st section as fllowing;. 

Oh where, tell me where, has your Highland laddie gone?
Oh where, tell me where, has your Highland laddie gone?
He's gone wi' streaming banners where noble deeds are
And it's oh, in my heart I wish him safe at home.

Companula rotundifolia Harebell 01-1
Small and slender type in Campanula-groep. Height to 40cm. Native in most of Europe including British islands and Scotland. in grass field and Heath-soil..

The melody is very known, of course, in Britain and in far East too, especially in Japan. Not by contemporary but rather traditional generation who learned the song at school. Here you will be able to recognize a little bit nostalgic song by next YouTube page.
The bluebell of the Scotland

By the way there is another 'Traditional' text. The first one sounds as a love song. This another lyrics seems to take plants/flowers/grass as the theme in the song itself.

The Bluebell of Scotland

The Thistle, Scotland's badge
Up from Freedom's soil it grew,
Her foes aye found it hedg'd round
With rosemarie and rue.
And, emblem that her daughters were modest, leal, and true,
From off the rocks, to deck their locks,
They pluck'd the Bell of Blue!
The Heathbell, the Harehell,
Old Scotland's Bell of Blue!
The Heathbell, the Harebell,
Old Scotland's Bell of Blue!

Here you've read two 'traditional' lyrics of The Bluebells of Scotland. There might be much more 'traditional' version. However the text by Dora Jordan seems to be most popular, for example, among contributions on YouTube. Why? I guess the actress was quite popular, so she had many opportunities to sing own version on stage. That's why the text would be remembered from her 1790s time till today.

1. Dora Jordan had an affair with Duke of Clarence, later King William IV. Between them many illegitimate children in more than 20 years., all of them colled FitzClarence. Fitz means in this case ''Bastard''.
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