ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Oh every day 日々そうそう

Klompen ; Dutch wood shoes  [木靴の話]

''Niederländische Holzschuhe'', when I say, it sounds quite eccentric. Dutch word 'Klompen' is naturally better than that of English and German. 37 years ago I met mr. Klompenmaker. Of cause you can guess immediately what it means. His family was ever a maker of klompen. There are many family names with 'maker' of which you may associate with almost every kind of profession.

Col 02 klompen wandelaar B

Why is this daily ordinary thing subjected here? Because of this happening where an old but very healthy man has been walking on an event of The 4 days march. Look at ''Klompen'' accompanied with gray thick socks which are considered real official one in combination with wood shoes.

col 01 klompen A

A type of wood shoes in Japan is Geta, There are two categories, simply for men and women. Someone wears kimono then takes Geta. Half century ago, however, it was usual that people with normal clothes used Geta in casual scene. Nowadays you observe hardly people with Geta on street. Geta disappeared out of ordinary life except traditional profession and circumstances like Marriage ceremony.

Straatbomen van Canadensis

This tree kind is a popular. 'Klompen-maker' would say '''Canadian poplar' which is likely used mostly for Klompen. It's big and tall (reach 30 m) and planted often as street trees.

150805 Klompen branden col 01

Today I draw for a while simple landscape on nieuwe klompen. I buy always ''blank klompen'' which is beautiful and presents the woody texture as it is. Some old 'klompen's returned to the soil. Natural materials is better to go back to the earth via burning fire isn't it!

Dutch counties or states organization can profit by enough quantity of Canadian poplar thanks to rather quick growing. Farmers, gardeners and lokal inhabitants wear still klompen. I would like to say that the klompen is alive in Dutch way of life.

150805 4de klompen

01. 'Schoen-maker' instead of Klompen-maker. It's 'Shoemaker' in English and 'Schumacher in German. A known Mr. Schumacher was not Shoemaker but driver of F1 car race, who got an accident in winter 2 years ago. Dutch, German, English and Frisian belong to the west German language group. Frisian is 'Fries' in Dutch, a language in province 'Friesland' in the Netherlands.
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