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Misaki Doi has just won [159cm tall Japanese tennis girl]

People knows hardly her except Tennis fans. Thus I know Misaki Doi who is one of smallest and lightest in pro-tennis circuit. 159 cm and 55 kg. A 2013`s resarch says : the figures of the standaard range of Japanese 20-24 years old women : 158.29 cm and 51.72 kg.

At this moment she is busy to play in a tournament. It is the Luxenbourg Open Woman Tennis championship. She belongs to ''The world ranking 100", reportedly current position 92nd. She may therefor join and be chosen to this kind of Open tournament without qualification.

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She leads a game on 3rd set. Her opponent is no.4 seed player, naturally Misaki is underdog..

At qualifying competitions 32 players participated. 6 of them entered in main tournament which also consists of 32 women. You understand that 26 of them are chosen directly into the first round. When someone would win 5 times one after another, then she would be the winner of this tounament.
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In 2014 at US Open she got an opponent who was 2 times Grand Slaum winner, Victoria Azarenka. Misaki vs Victoria : 159 vs 183 cm and 70 vs 55 kg. Victoria may be number one by means of screaming hard hitter. Misaki fought neck and neck agaist the big girl until 1 to 1 set count. On the last set Japanese girl seemed to be a lack of power in compare with Victoria.

Today's first round Doi met Andrea Petkovic, German girl, 4 years older than her. Petkovic (means son of Petro) family came from Bosnia, probably during Yugoslavian war in 1990s. The match progressed alike the match of Misaki and Victoria at US Open. There is much less people than US Open in tennis hall. Besides it's just begining round. I saw on TV no Japanese on stand. At Grand Slam in matchs of Japanese players, there ware always a plenty of patriot. Ha hah, who watch such tennis tournamens on TV? Nobody! By very chance I found this at my dinner. I didn't know even such broardcasting. If non Japanese player was I would have shut down TV.

col 04

Andrea 1 game down. She is currentry Ranking 20.
col 05
Match point for Misaki Doi.

She has won a first round by third match point. You see her victory with her smile although she is never used to showing own emotion during match. Her face looks like Noh mask. Acooding to me half of man-woman tennisers might be too serious to laugh.

col 06

As her good result Misaki earned 2669 € and 30 ranking points. Needless to say they are professional tennisers. In case of progressing to third round she will get 4.758 € and 60 points. Misaki Doi is one of smallest girl in Tennis cirkit. If she were with an average length and weight of Dutch girls in her age, I'd not have been interested, but except the patriot feeling.
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