ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Uprising 抗議デモ/アラブの春

A strong will of a Syrian girl [one cut scene of Manga]

A cut-scean, a way of Japanese depiction, about a Syrian refugee girl
illustrated by Toshiko Hasumi (はすみ としこ)

151116 by Toshika Hasumi
A text like poem with 11 lines from right to left.
Size of letters become bigger and bigger together with tension`s ascent.
Hierunder symple translation by my own.

I want to live safely
I want to live cleanly
I want to enjoy delicious food
I want to be free to play
I want to be fashionable
I want the luxury
Without any trouble
I want to live as I wish
By others money.
That's it
I do immigrate as a refugee!

This packet (text and illustration) is now a very controvesial issue on Japanese FaceBook. How do you interpret the message of Tosiko Hatumi? Each individual might think several interpretations. I saw mostly criticism at some fb-pages, saying that this kind of article should be eliminated from FaceBook. Many debaters feel themself `ashamed as Japanese`. Such critical opinions are given often to European ultra right such as Marine Le Pen (French Front National) and Geert Wilders (Dutch PVV = Party for Freedom).

Even in Sweden which has most generous refugee-policy than any other countries, it has happened last weeks that very gentle democratic minded citizens say ``enough is enough`` . we can`t receive refugees anymore, otherwise our society would be destroyed. Needless to say, East European countries are tend to refuse all the way EU-committee inquiry that huge amount of refugees must be distributed fairly among all EU members.

In 2015 "Great movement of nations" takes place which had never happened, perhaps since Joseph Stalin`s Siberia sending of the opponets (forced labor) (as the result several million compatriots massacre). "Bundeskanzlerin" Angela Merkel made big mistake although it's an hindsight. She might have imagined such Great nations movement, of course.

Toshiko Hasumi may be not real creator as Manga artist [note 1], but well messenger of own politic and social views.. Her illustration based certainly on this ↓ picture which seemed to be taken by ``the Save the Childrenan``at a place of Syrian refugee-camp, probably in Turkey.
151117 original photo Syrian girl


01 Manga-ka: Tosiko Hasumi 漫画家/蓮見都志子. She is likely Manga-ka, but just biginner, accooding to me..

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