ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Politics and economics 政治/経済

The Empire’s fate depends on the result of this battle,,,,,

Today`s debate in the Wesrminster parliament which has bigon arround noon and is still going on gives a impression of tha famouse phrase as The Empire’s fate depends on the result of this battle, let every man do his utmost duty. [note 1]




It is an historcal day indeed, as it is happenig. It` s about Air attack by UK. Cameron has asked it to the House that it within Syrian soil will take place. The Royal Air Army has been boming already aganst IS in Iraq.




9 hours almost seriously they are debating with a lot of data and political complicated views as well as in datail. More than 150 members wanted reportedly te speech. There are 6 parties. Soon at 22 o`clock the decision will be found whether such air campaign is approved or not.



The house is full, no space to relax. The new leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Bernard Corbyn is busy to speech. He does not agree with Cameron's campaign. This situation is just other way round when Tony Brair as Labour leader realized militaire intervention in Sadum Hussein's Iraq together with Georg Bush. By the way every parliament member will vote according to own decision, although each party has own policy. The responsiblity of the choice should depend on each individual as MP (member of Paliament) regardless of their party., so sounds it.

It is expected naturally David Cameron will win. He has done a great job on his speech, however, will not succeed to obtain British national secuarty as well as no-terro by radical Islam-sect in Europa. Further more ground troop is really necessary in order to kick out IS out of Syria and Iraq. By only Air-campaign it is impossible to wipe out such enemy, that has been shown through years air strikes (by drones in Afganistan and Iraq).

Tomorrow I will continue with more Syrian circumstance of UK. It is quite something in compare with, for instance, Netherlands and Japan.

【Note】 :
1. Japanese : 皇国ノ興廃コノ一戦ニ在リ 各員一層奮励努力セヨ which is translated by William J. Koenig, in his book 「Epic Sea Battles」in 1977. Battle of Tsushima in May 1905 during the war Russian and Japan.
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