ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

Nagasaki story[ジャガタラお春伝説 Legend of Jagatara O-Haru]&The Battle of Dunkerque

On the end of October in 1639 Haru(15?)[note 1] left Nagasaki on board with the sailship Breda which was just completed two years before at Hoorn in the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, counted 300 crews and had a cargo volume 1050 tons.

The new socalled SpiegelRetourSchip in Dutch was perhaps too gorgeous to transport 11 Non-Japanese families to Batavia (present name Jakarta), although nominal reason was 5th exile order of foreigners by the shogunate Tokugawa [note 2]. Her family members ware Japanese mother (baptism name Maria), elder sister Man(19?) and Man`s son(baby)[note 3]. Man and Haru`s father (Ncolas Marin) was Italian but already died in 1636.

Lyrics: Saburo Umeki, composer: Sasaki Shunichi.
Original singer ; Akemi Yuri.
Released from Victor (Japanese company)
in October Showa 14 (1939).
This covering version is sung by Keiko Fuji (藤圭子)

The Battle of Dunkerque [note 4]
drawn by Willem van de Velde in 1659.
canvas, h123×w185cm. On display in room 2.15 of Rijksmuseum
Taken on december 2015 in Amsterdam
The Battle of Dunkirk Willem van de Velde 01

** attached explanation ** In Febuary 1639 Maerten Harpertsz Tromp prevented the Spanish fleet from leaving the harbour at Dunkirk with a blockade of twelve ships. Van de Velde has depicted most of the Dutch vessels with their prows pointing towards the enemy armada. With a remarkable eye for detail, he rendered in pen the ships’ counters or transoms – the stern carvings from which the individual vessels can be identified

There are several Wars titled `The Battle of Dunkerque`. The most known battle may be a case during World WarⅡ. This sea battle depicted above is almost unknown. The name depends on concerned countries, Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, France and other European lands. Historian of them would have different views.

The Battle of Terheide, oil on canvas, h176×w 281.5cm
painted by Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraten (1653 - 1666)
This oil painting is hung next to `Willem van de Veld`above.
The Battle of Terheide Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraten 01

** attached explanation ** Between 1652 and 1674, three naval wars were fought with England – the so-called Anglo-Dutch Wars. This painting represents the Battle of Terheide on 10 August 1653. In the centre is the largest vessel in the Dutch fleet, the Brederode, commanded by Admiral Maerten Harpertsz Tromp. It is firing its cannons at an English ship. The Dutch Republic won the battle but lost its commander Tromp, who was fatally wounded.

1. Haru is real name, but O-haru becomes common. O is prefix of kind, makes polite and intimate impression, for example O-kasan (mom), O-tosan (dady) .

2.. Breda picked more 21 persons up at Hirado, after all total 31 non-Japanese were brought to Batavia, except Man`s son who was ill therefore went out of the ship at Taipei. He was entrusted to a friend of the captain..

3. O-Man married with a Italian at Nagasaki. The young man went to Taiwan with bisiness and never returned to Nagasaki.. 

4. A city in France 10km from the border of Belgium. French → Dunkerque. Dutch → Duinkerke. English → Dunkirk.

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