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Weekend sportwatch - as it happened

This image has been the very beginning of the `Tagesschau` on ARD which is `First`tv-broadcasting channel in Germany. Evening news on TV at 20 o'clock has the highest audience rating wherever it is. You can imagine how remarkable and surprising big news this is in `Bundesrepublik Deutschland`.[note 1]


As you know too, she has just became the first champion of a Grand slam in German womens tennis history since Steffi Graf in 1999. Strange enough that during the game the live broadcasting did not take place on any representative German companies like ARD, ZDF, WDR and others. Strange enough also that NOS 1 of Netherlands public channel broadcasted this women's final as the whole "live", although Dutch players did not have any important role. Hereunder↓Live images of NOS.


On this match summary you will understand ↓why Serena lost the game though it's slight difference. Look at an item "Unforced errors" of both players. But the game is magical exciting one. When powerful Serena plays with anyone, people used to experience hardly such exciting, because always oneside game. Today however it's exceptional good match. Most of spectators could enjoy it, perhaps except fanatic patriots of USA and Germany)

"She lives on another planet" says German sport journalist.
Sara Takanashi has today won as usual according to the journalist. Look at her records and long distance away from that of other jumpers. By chance I saw this on Eurosport 2. Just only 15 minutes, but first time to watch Women's Ski-jump. The event is held in Oberstdorf (Bayern) Germany..

160130 FIS women skijamp 640

高梨Takanashi 沙羅Sara  
160130 FIS women Takanashi
Born: October 8, 1996 (age 19), Kamikawa, Hokkaido Japan.
Height: 1.52 m. Weight: 45 kg

1.English : Federal Republic of Germany → FRD
* Another big news this evenig is about refugee issue. However it is less important than the victory of Kerber.
Merkel=CDU had to take decision to strengthen the selection of refugees and to send economical refugees back to their countries.


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