ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Oh every day 日々そうそう

味噌80分仕込み Miso 80 minutes trial on 6 March

Ingredients : fresh koji 1kg, dried soybeans 0.5kg and salt 0.5g (the precedent : respectively, 1- 1- 0.75kg). In fact salt quantity was both cases excessive. It`s mistake, hah ha ”no use crying over spilt milk” (not milk but salt).

This second trail I do not use the vacuum bag. And use efficiently the old high pressure pan. Why? This time total quantity is rather less than first time. For this reason i can examine another way, expecting to take less working time.

In old pan.... Put water until same level of soybeans which suck enough water last night. It is considered usually 5-6 hours on this stage.

160306 a

At 5 minutes before 10 o'clock I lit gas fire. You see storm and overflows bubbles which leaked out of pressure plug. The part is already broken. It's time fire to stop.

160306 b

Pause a while on topboard. Handle of the plug is set upward to loosen pressure

160306 c

Bring fresh koji into com which is just good for 1kg koji and 500g salt and make koji blocks loosen.

160306 d

160306 e

I thought yellow com big enough, but i exchanged another a little big one by means of adding salt

160306 f

Left : Koji+salt mixture completed. Right : boiled soybeans without remained hot water, so that you don't need to drain it thoroughly. Normal procedure of draining seems to take about 60 minutes.
160306 g

Hand blender is crashing the beans quickly. also possible to leave some beans as it is at your disposal. Socalled Moromi-miso is such kind with which you can taste bean's form as fermented miso. The Moromi may give you mild sweet feelijng, i think.
160306 h

Time to check temperature especially that of smoothly soft mass. In bottom window 51 degrees is shown. Too warm in order to bring the mixture of koji+salt into the pan.
160306 i

Temperature descends to 41 degrees, now you may mix mushed beans and the koji+salt.
160306 j

Then i am making balls of well mixed mass and put them in a container as you see. To make solid round ball may be a fairytale from traditional manner in case of home tiny quantity.
160306 k

At 11:15 it comes the end likewise the first trial on 5th march. You can count whole process time 11:15 - 09:55 = 1 hour 20 minutes.
160306 l

Miso making in 80 minutes, except time to drench beans. it's recommended you leave the container for approximately a year at a place of good ventilation. Further you have to wait its fermentation with unemployment unhappiness (as far as miso concerned).

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