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DATA a world cup [頑張った同胞だから…]

The last Speed Skating events of season 2015-2016. At the same time it`s the last one of the world-cup series.[note 1] I would like to whisper to my patriot about this nice result by ladies discipline *team pursuit*.

team pursuit data 02
Dutch team was favourit, but Japanese team won.
Look at the slightly difference 15/100 seconds!

team pursuit 02
Miho Takagi 高木美帆 Misaki Osigiri 押切美沙紀 Saya Takagi 高木菜那

Further just DATA of this weekend as own note
!st day mens 1000 5000

col ladies 1000m

col men500m ladies mass start klein
Mens 500m result showed Pavel Kulizhnikov as 2nd place, but he was not in Heerenveen at this weekend [note 2].

col men 1500m klein

col men mass start klein

1. Such event used to attract nobody except Dutch. All events are held at different places in Europa, Asia and North America, same style as Formula 1 car races. The winner is a skater who gatherd most points and its price money is $20,000. A tiny amount of money when you think about other popular sports.

2. Pavel Kulizhniko became the sprint world champion weeks ago and the world record holder. He was too fast so that no rival existed until the the Sprint WC. He was found, however, being positive with Meldonium on doping test just after the announcement of Maria Sharapova. Therefore his participation on this event was closed.

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