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Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

"Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms"

Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) is one of few cherry genus as European native trees.
kerspruim (Prunus cerasifera) bij grens03-2

"Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms" is in general known as an Irish song [note 1]. ”Endearing” in the lyrics written by Irish poet Thomas Moore is such a lovely word that no japanese would not believe. He poured ”Endearing” to his sick wife, setting it to an old Irish melody. Certainly Ireland would be filled then with such traditional air. Irish music seems to be loved in whole world.

Saori Yuki [note 2] and Sachiko Yasuda cover the song, naturally translated lyrics in Japanese. [note 3]. The text seems to be rather socalled "liberal translation" and the lyrics is written in classical language that is not used any more. It's title sounds "Haru no hi no hana to kagayaku" which is uncommon usage even in Japanese but something unique.

Unfortunately the cover by sisters Yasuda is not available for "embedded copy". Instead, just I found, a cover by Ms.Yumi Kawashima. It's pity her text version is contemporary Japanese with which people talk. It is not dignity at all, doesn't match with melody although her vocal/soprano is beautiful. [note 4: 歌詞に於ける文語と現代口語]

Blueberries hanging the top in one direction. A little unusual individual example. In my field (germany & netherlands along river the Waal) they are mostly hybrids of the category= genus "Hyacinthoides".

1. The tune was first printed in a London songbook in 1775 , by another source also claimed in 1737. Anyway this melody was popular before Moore was born (his date: 28 May 1779 – 25 February 1852)

2. Her real name and the old stage name, Akiko Yasuda (born November 13, 1948), still active singer. Her elder sister is Sachiko Yasuda, also very known vocalists, nursery rhyme and soprano singer. They have been working long time together.
[ In November 2011 Saori Yuki collaborated with Pink Martini (Oregon, United States) and released an album with 12 songs by real Japanese text. The record label is Heinz, sold very well in more than 20 countries, and quickly gained popularity in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Greece (source ; pages of Saori Yuki and Pink Martini)] .

3. "Haru no hi no hana to kagayaku"春の日の花と輝く
Japanese lyrics: by Keizo Horiuchi 堀内敬三
春の日の花と輝く / うるわしき姿の / いつしかにあせてうつろう
世の冬は来るとも / わが心は変わる日なく / おん身をば慕いて
愛はなお緑いろ濃く / わが胸に生くべし

4. It's an interesting comparison between the old 'written' style and the new 'spoken' style if you have a little time.
Yuki & Yasuda version's URL↓.

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