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Art 絵画/ 建築

A young lady with Atlantic cod [未婚貴婦人と大西洋の鱈]

The art has, in general, various interpretations. Traditional painting in particular contains astonishing metaphor, because of religious restrictions, taboos and pledges. Mona Lisa painted by Da Vinci is such an representative. There are a plenty of studies and interpretations, therefor many copies and parodies for the most famous portrait in the world in which Lisa was depicted. [note 1]. Her face, however, seems to me raccoon-like, I am very sorry. Such first impression remains in me since I met the real painting in `Musée du Louvre` in 1977. [note 2]

Pacific Cod 大西洋のタラ col 03
Kabeljauw in Dutch, Cod in English, Tara鱈 in Japanese. There are two major cods as `Pacific and Atlantic`. Distinguish point is white side line. Pacific cod equips no white line. Dry cod is practical reserved food, for instance named Stokfish/stokvis in English/Dutch, Bo-dara (bo=stok) in Japanese, It is prepared there as salted dry-fish for newyear recipies which mach very well with Sake.

A scene in where you see a part of a human-size painting shows some kinds of fish. Two or three big fishes may be Atlantic cod, I believe. No idea wether whoever mentioned about its name. It might not be important such a fish name for painters, also critics and commentators of later centuries.
I have by chance an oppotunity in regard to images taken recently in Fjord Norway. A fact that Atlantic cod's speceis is ''Gadus morhua'' does not mean any interpretation.

A lady at the fish market in Antwerp
painted by Adriaen van Utrecht & Marten Pepijn
oil on canvas, 254cm x 198cm : Museum, RubensHuis

Saying ''At first sight, seems to play an ordinary scene ↑ in the fish market in Antwerp. But there is more to it'', the owner museum RUBENSHUIS explanes rather ordinary sexual interpretation on several parts of this life-size painting. Pepijn and van Utrecht hide their view about young lady behind normal market scean. When you read such context written by specialist (=the museum), you would associate it with Japanese Shunga春画 in Ukiyoe浮世絵. Shun-ga means literally ''spring painting'', therefore simply pornography.

Vismarkt col 04-4

1.The lady is wearing a hood. That is a remarkable ensemble, consisting of a black hat crowned with a handle with a wag of silk thread. Attached thereto a precious pleated veil of black silk. This concealing garment symbolizes the chastity of young Antwerp ladies. It has to protect her from the eyes of worshipers as the man with feathered hat at the left. The servants behind the lady seem to keep him at bay.

2.The salsewoman is showing gills of a cod in order to proev freshness, responding to the young lady's request.

3.The salmon fillet refers to the female sex. Certain fish kinds are phallic symbols. An eel slithers towards some open mussel shells.
4.A dog besides the woman symbolizes for marital fidelity.
5.A basket of ripe fruit seems a strange element in a fish market. However, the mature fruit symbolizes the young woman who has reached marriageable age.

It says this painting is approved despite an ambiguous scene. Who and when `approved`? Authorities in the 17 century were the church and the king, I suppose.

1. Her hasband, a Florentine wealthy family Gherardini, commitioned pahaps at end of 15 centuries but the portrait was completed at bginning of 16 centuries (1503 reportedly). Its wood panel (Mona Lisa was not painted on canvas) went from Florence to France with Leonald da Vinci in 1516. The artist lived until his death in Amboise, the place of the king of Frans`s castle. It`s said Leonald refined the portrait in 1516-1517. Finally Francis I, Leonald`s patron required it, since then Mona Lisa has been a possesion of France.

2. reference : former thread *Europa Deadly Floods*.
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