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Top of the memory 1st July 1916

At 07:30 AM on 1st July 1916 it began with first explosion along river Somme. In approaching the twilight, its wasting the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) counted about 60,000 soldiers. The Worst of trench warfare in history. [note 1]

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The battle of Somme coverd a period of July - November 1916. It is reportedly : the original Allied estimate of casualties on the Somme, was British and French 485,000 and German 630,000.
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Battle of the Somme. Map of first day, 1 July – 18 November 1916.

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The Thiepval Memorial cemetery in Nothern France. Yellow flower carpet of maybe Crepis (Hawksbeardフタマタタンポポ) or Hieracium (Hawkweedヤナギタンポポ), so might it be a century ago.

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Yesterday 100 year's ceremonies or misa took place in Westminster church in London and its cemetery of the historic battlefield. Since a century ago July 1 has been marked as Memorial Day, not only in anywhere in UK but also many places in old 'British empire'. For example in Newfoundland and Labrador in North America.
Right above at the corner ↓ mr/ms Cameron who is leaving as prime minister, but this is their patriotic obligation.
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Queen and prince, an old couple of Winsor perticipaited naturally, despite of their age as middle of neinties.

1. This 'British soldiers' means soldiers from colonies and territories that belonged to the British Empire at the time. One of them was dispatched from Newfoundland, today part of Canada. Its 1st Regiment was wiped out by German at Beaumont Hamel on the first day. If one regiment was three thousand people, then its 90% (27,000) was killed within a day. Hierwith you understand the matter of fact that a units which represents in order to protect your home country might disappear at the moment of twinkling eyes. Can you imagine it?
*Reference → ブリテン何十万の兵たちが西部戦線から二度と帰ってこなかった。塹壕戦の半時間で数連隊が消えるような恐怖の戦いがまずイーペルから始った。http://zasshizassozatsujin.blog.fc2.com/?tag=%E3%82%A4%E3%83%BC%E3%83%9A%E3%83%AB

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