ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Art 絵画/ 建築

Fu-ro-shiki 風呂敷 [1 Shodo 書道]

A message from my father / mother. I forgot in which circumstance they made it. My father trained his mind by calligraphy at his seventies. Around a circle there are four Kanji located and with two kinds of stamps.[note 1] Such a circle may be quite significant. A line is closed itself and got a circle, I guess. Then it can be a symbol by means of sixties years aniversary. I'm not sure, maybe wrong. [note 2]

Reimo Toshio 1

Originally such square cloth seems to have been used in bathroom. The noun Furoshiki was found in Edo period (1603-1868), means literally Floor Cloth in Bath-space. You need such floorcloth in public bath to keep and indicate own property (cloth) that you lie before getting in hotwater, or in parsonal bathroom to dry wet foot near bathtub.

Toshio Shodo 00

Calligraphy culture was introduced from China to Japan together with Kanji (Chinese letter) in Yayoi period, approximately dated 300 BC to AD 300. A proverb with 4 letters 心廣體胖 ↑ is favourite for my father. [note 3] This is one of his latest work before he was taken in 100% caring instituut, according to my mother. His calligraphy artistic pseudonym 田潤霖[note 4] was presented by his Chinese master when they ware in Peking (Beijing) in 1940-43. He was enthusiatic to learn Mandarin (the chief standard Chinese) conversation. He spoke good Mandarin in Peking's daily life.

Toshio Shodo 04
Calligraphy tool that I had kept till now are today found on bookshelf in attic. Left: writing portable set for travel before the appearing pencil and fountain pen. Replication/souvenir product.

Toshio Shodo col 01

Shodo is in Japanese as Calligraphy. This collage is my father's practice. His saying : this is one of daily activities that I want to inspire my mind in whole life. He was then over seventies, and finally to withdraw to his birth home-country, Tango.

1. Ink for stamps is red in most cases, internationally too, although black is sometimes used. In Edo-era Black ink was reportedly, in particular, for Cho-nin (ordinary citizen) class, in contrast to vermilion ink for Samurai class.
Reimo Toshio 1-2

2. Wikipedia → The number 60 means accomplishing one big circle and starting another one in one's life as the traditional 60 year calendar cycle of the lunar calendar.

3. source : Great Learning, one of the "Four Books" 四書の一つ’大学’. it says: if you have a space in both mind and body, things would go to the positive, everrything turns around in harmony.

4. 田潤霖 → 田: sir name. 潤霖 second name. Tian Yun-lin (by Chinese), Den Jun-rin (by Japanese),

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