ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Nature 雑草 フローラ/ファウナ

Springwatch on 28 March

170324 Sleedoorn 03
About 5~6m height

170324 Sleedoorn 04

Maybe beginning 10% blooming, When you consider its height it should not be Sloe (blackthorn) which is a typical shrub with thin stem. There are exceptions in every world.
170330 by pond a (6)
It doesn't look like small shrub but black bark and sharp thorns on twigs.
170324 Sleedoorn 01
I failed what it is at first sight.
This is the blackthorn [note *]Prunus spinosa

The melody : Spring has just come

170328 zwam 01
This mushroom on a cherry tree could be Phellinus tuberculosus

170328 Harigiri 01
Pprickly castor oil tree / ハリギリ / stekelboom
Kalopanax septemlobus

170328 hybride 01
New leaf and flower buds are opening

170328 hybride 02
Another combination is already clear what they are.
Butterbur / 紅蕗 / Groot hoefblad.
Petasites hybridus

170328 hybride 03
A mass of tubular flowers. One bundle has a small peduncle and concists of many tubular flowers. Some of them are open as a flower with 5 petals which is, in this case, male flower. It means this area is occupied by Rhizome (underground) network, thus all flowers are same clones, namely male.

170328 nisikigi 02
Look at brown wings

170328 nisikigi 01
Winged spindle /ニシキギ/ Japanse kardinaalshoed 
Euonymus alatus

170328 Petasite japonica 02
Lesser celandine / ヒメリュウキンカ / Speenkruid Ficaria verna
and an unique guest from Japan

170328 Petasite japonica 01
'Giant butterbur' / フキ=Fuki / Japanse groot hoefblad
Petasites japonicus  This is male exemplar 

170328 Petasite japonica 04
one group of bisexual flowers. Each flower has a long style which is surrounded by stamens which are coalesced as a ring.
170328 Petasite japonica 03

↓All exemplars are linked each other with underground root. It means here is male area.

170328 Petasite japonica 05

170328 sumomo 01

At this moment such beautiful blossom.
This is a kind of cherry, but not exact cherry.
It's called Cherry Plum, a species of plum.
Prunus cerasifera var.atropurpurea / ベニバスモモ

170328 sumomo 02
The sepals are warped downwards. Real cherry kinds, for example Japanese cherries have not such sepals. Only Wild cherry Prunus avium equips same kinds of downwards sepals.

170328 Tros vliel 02
This is a species close to Japanese elderberry, I think.

170328 Tros vliel 01
Red elderberry / 紅または山ニワトコ / Trosvlier
Sambucus racemosa
As the fruit ripens it hangs like a tassel of grapes.
European representative Sambucus nigra makes inverted triangle flowers.

170328 Tros vliel 03

I found this small tree nearby above red elderberry. It seems to be same genus with white edge leaves. Wings are recognized on twig. Apparently a cultivated garden variation. [note **]
170328 Tros vliel 04 Vlekje

* There is Japanese name of blackthorne, but sounds stupid. Jägermeister is one of my favour,. It is said that at the very beginning the liquor maker used ripe Blackshorn fruit as the main material. I do understand it very well.

** All plants you sea here is more or less ''cultivated forms'', that are mostly planted.

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