ライン・ワール・マースの狭間から、草の如し徒然の観察八景。 政ごと/商いごと/言の葉ごと/遊びごと。

Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

Framework ❸ [Incidence of light with Lili Marlen] [update with YouTube song]

Very original singer whom I mentioned on March 14 2015
found this version today,

The 45 degrees incidence of light makes exact same quantity of shadow.
Half of the right angle becomes bisector figures that seems to be symbolic. To cut a piece of wood by 45 and 30 or 60 degrees are the same to me, but bring each different shadows down.
''Incidence of light'' is 'Lichtinval' in Dutch. It is a clear and lovely word,

In the train 01

There is a couple of Design names in my frame-work. One of them is Lichtval instead of Lichtinval. One you see hereunder is a variation in the category Lichtval. You find maybe 45 degree cut slope at one side.


Lili Marleen
Vor der Kaserne
Vor dem grossen Tor
Stand eine Laterne
Und steht sie noch davor
So woll'n wir uns da wieder seh'n
Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n
Wie einst Lili Marleen.

sung by Lale Andersen

Kaserne → カゼルネ:軍隊駐屯地。カゼルネの門傍に立つランタン、そこで出会う恋歌
Erectrola was subsidiary of British company in Berlin. The first LP was recorded on August 8th 1939.
The subsidiary was taken by Nazi (Nationalsozialismus) regime in its autam.

Lichtval var 05-2 with Lale Andersen LP

This seemed to be the first edition which was recorded on 2 August 1939, by Electrola Studio, Berlin. . There are following text printed in the lavel:
Lili Marlen / (Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens) / Sdenltze-Leip / Lale Andersen mit Orchester / Dirigent Bruno Seindler-Winkler
''Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens'' means ''song of a young sentry''
. [note 1]

Lili Marlen of Decca by Malrene Dietrich

Decca's single version of Marie Magdalene (Marlene Dietrich) appeared on 7 Sptember 1945. This is a cover of the original of Lale Andersen. Note different spelling as ''LILI MARLENE'' instead of 'Lili Marlen'. Marlene Dietrich moved to USA 1930 and became a little known. This cover of Andersen' song at the war-front made her real star. Both German women ware active in show business after the war, and performed sometimes ''Lili Marlen', but both by own way of singing naturally.

sung by Marlene Dietrich
I understand why 30 million sellers in US

1.''Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens'' → 若い歩哨(門衛)の歌

Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

A singer songwriter with an oil painter in 19th century [epilogue]

When a poet is going to create lyrics about beautiful mountains and rivers or scenery, it doesn't need always for him/her to visit exact places or to experience him/herself there how it would be. So did Stephen Collins Foster. He had been in neither Kentucky nor Swanee River.

Japan was occupied by the US force after the capture on August 1945. Following two decades, at least I remember, Foster's work was a staple of the junior school music books. In addition to "Old Folks at Home" (1850) there are pretty many tunes which are quite popular, for examples, like "My Old Kentucky Home (1852), "Old Black Joe" (1853), and "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair" (1854)
[note 1]

My Old Kentucky Home 01

Even I myself, do not have any sense of singing, can do hamming with these melody lines. Lyrics written by Foster ware translated to the language of the 'rising sun's country. All Japanese text, I say, are beautiful with dignity and a kind of homage (to Foster).

Translators might have known the situation at the time of Foster. Sometimes they omitted the real context in the circumstance that slavery was recognized as a social and economic system. Pupils at school and normal ordinary people knew hardly slavery-history of neither America nor the world. Lyrics of foreign popular songs are often interpreted in sense of Japanese context, and made up lyrical contents associated with humanity and nature. In some cases Japanese text has nothing to do with African-American negro life
[note 3].

Foster's songs, for examples as "Camptown Races" (1850), "Old Folks at Home", "My Old Kentucky Home and "Old Black Joe" were composed before The American Civil War which originated to the fractious issue of slavery. The South of cotton farming needed slavery of Negro.

At the time Minstrel show was popular. It could be ''therefore'' that he attempted to compose above mentioned songs as a singer songwriter. The theme of lyrics should be all about slavery, because of Minstrel show in combination with Black Face by White actors. Songs for people must be commercial whenever it's made
[note 4].

At left under corner there is a sign ''Souvenir de Mauve'' I don't know what exactly it means. 'Mauve' dedicates in general a genus of Marva like '''Marva sylvestris' which is a plant with purple flowers. Remembrance of Mallow or Purple? The tree in the frame looks like to belong to the rose family. This painting seems to be titled ''Pink peach tree in blossom'' by Johannah. It may be also pear tree. Anyway the tree has nothing to do with Mallow.
Van Gogh Sauvernir de Mauve 01
''Souvenir de Mauve'' may be his imagined landscape for a series of orchard or just garden. Van Gogh made about ten works with same composition. The Kröller-Müller Museum owns probably best one among them. When ''van Gogh'' was not yet famous, the rich collector Helene Müller was able to select the most excellent work.

Vincent van Gogh was an unique man as a man of letter-writing. He needed really to tell what is going on in his mind. He wrote and wrote about his paintings to his younger brother Theo [note 5].

Nowadays you can read Vincent's letters, and perhaps monologue too. Jo, Wife of Theo van Gogh read all his letters and diaries and organized them. It's patient efort for the publication. If Jo would not have done it today's great deel of his fame might not have existed [note 6].

'The First Lesson' or 'The Banjo Lesson' 1893
painted by ‎Henry Ossawa Tanner (21 June 1859 – 25 May 1937)'


This oil-painting on canvas would be one of pioneer as a scean of Black people's daily life. The painter is first recognizable artist of African American individual, who was 6 years younger than Van Gogh. Banjo was a typical music instrument in the era of southern plantation, and the child could be Old Joh's grandson. Henry Ossawa Tanner made hereof a heartwarming realism with careful brush work which contrasts very much with passionate touch of Van Gogh. Its color is a sober, it could be a little like a Jean-Francois Millet who supported Van Gogh and had great influence on him

When Tanner was born the war was going to break out. It began in 1861, then Foster became alone, being left through daughter and his wife Jane Denny McDowell, girlfriend of childhood, reportedly having bad relationship with them caused by poverty. He could not profit from his sold music scorebook.[note 7].

A year before the war-end in 1864 Foster got heavy fever in a Manhattan's cheap hotel. Reportedly, yes theres was no evidence what happened then with him, a couple of days later he died in a hospital. It's 13th January 1864 at age 37 and 6 months. All his performance is about 200 of songwriting by himself. A wellknown episode is that 38 cents in Civil War scrip and three pennies were found in his leather wallet.


Vincent van Gogh was not such poverty as Foster. He had a great brother who supported him entirely. It may be said luxury-life so that he could concentrate his lifework without income, being always single.

In 1889 it looked like his ''uprising'' that his name became a little known in Paris and Belgium by means of Theo's Gallery-activity. He moved from Mediterranean sea-side to near by Paris, and rented an attic of hotel Ravoux in Auvers. He could earn money first time by selling only one painting.

In the attic he produced a lot of paintings and study-copies of established painters
[note 8]. Reportedly he did suicide to shoot own breast due to his psychosis, therefor he stayed a year ago in the hospital at Saint-Rémy. According to research in 21 century no pistol was found., but there were two young men with him. Could be just accidents during doing something. He died on 29 July 1890 in hospital two days later of the accident. He is at age 37 and 4 months. All his performance is sketches and paintings of roughly 900.

1. "My Old Kentucky Home" may be official state song of Kentucky. The song "Camptown Races" (known 草競馬) may be doubtful as a work of Foster according some specialists. "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair"became the motif of the Anime series on Japanese TV.in 1980s. And in 1992-1993 another Anime 52 episodes ''The Girl in the Wind: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (風の中の少女 金髪のジェニー) was broadcasted by Nippon Animation.

3. In other cases, however, translators realized great work which includes pure deep meanings from original text. But I have to say that Translation of Foster's minstrel songs seems to be not such case. It sounds beautiful in Japanese with Japanese Tanka style. Tanka means a short poem, has a rule of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables.

4. Someone who loves Foster's music is often that he might have very warm hart and understand deeply Negro in connection with Slavery. It may be natural way of feeling in 21 century why they think so, because of beautiful melody and humane text that he made in 19 century. There are, however, hardly concrete information about his way of life. He lived in the center of slavery era in US. It was a society where discrimination and prejudice did not seem to be what words really mean. He was a 'white', and audience of the blackface show was 'white' as well. It was certainly not easy for black people to enjoy entertainment or something in theater. There was steep and strong wall between White and Negro. Foster might concentrate to create only successful lirics and melodies, used his capability at most without sympathy for Negro. .

5.. At January 2015 we type out keyboard or just touch on liquid panel In order to communicate with someone who is in somewhere far from you, .Even you can see the person in small monitor and talk with him. That's our way of communication on everyday life.

6. Jo, wife of Theo contributed for the great fame of Vincent as art-business-woman and Translater.. The sister-in-law of the painter married with Johan Cohen Gosschalk in 1901 after death of Theo and became again widow in 1912.. Johanna van Gogh-Bonger (1862-1925) was often busy with translation the letter of Vincent.

7. Abraham Lincoln got his inaugration as the president.That became a trigger of the war.
8. Vincent mental condition was unstable, for example, did not want going out.

Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

A singer songwriter with an oil painter in 19th century [2nd part]

Yesterday Martin Luther King Day in US, It seems his birthday. 'TV journal' says, it's a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January. Hah at first time I learn this! The man is symbol for the civil equal rights of 'Black' [note 1]. The thema on yesterday's march may concern to several incidents in 2014, for example ''Unrest in Ferguson'' and ''Michael Brown'' shot dead by corps on August [note 2]..

Marti Luter King Speech 01

The ancestor of 'Black' came from Africa mostly. Dutch ''United East India company''(1602-1799), transported approximately 550.000 people from Ivory coast to the North America in the course of 17-18 centuries
[note 3]. They slaves were brought into the agriculture, in particular in cotton plantation in Southern US, as you know. It is described in detail in Uncle Tom's Cabin [note 4].

My Kentucky home 03 Eastman Johnson Negro Lifea the South ejb fig
[Negro Life at the South, by Eastman Johnson, is popularly known as Old Kentucky Home.] This explanetion and painting are quoted from a page of Wikpedia 'My Old Kentucky Home'

Foster's most works belong to Minstrel songs. Minstrel is an entertainment show, where white actors played in blackface [note 5]. His melodies and lylics were provided for a Blackface group. so that the group got commercial success. Foster sold apparently the exclusive rights of songs to the group. But it was not the time with the copyright.

Cypresses with Two Female Figures Sint Remy
This painting is one of his later life. It is clearly able to observe his own style that Van Gogh achieved in Arles. He was inspired by strong sunlight nearby Mediterranean sea and found the brush strokes like burning fire as if he were himself to watch the solar prominence.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands in the era of Vincent van Gogh forbid the slavery, although the West India company had been busy with the slavery business until beginning of 19th century [note 6].

Van Gogh diary or letters was published as a book in Dutch (nowadays in many languages) by Jo van Gogh-Bonger. I never read all of the book, but partly.You might find articles with a word 'slave' because there might have been a couple of portrait with black people. In fact he sketched and painted many ordinary people or just peasants in stead of rich and royal family. It would not be strange at all if his collection included portraits of African black persons. As the result of such circumstance, he could earn little with his art.Naturally he couldn't pay for it. Somehow he got someone who could sit for a while as a model.

It was very neccesary to get model for the painter who might suffer from Primarily Obsessional Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (also commonly called Purely Obsessional OCD, Pure-O) as well as poverty
[note 7]. There could be another interpretation why he cut down own ear. Because he was just hungry of painting after his friend Paul Gauguin left him alone.

1. ''I have a dream that ....'' the speech of Martin Luther King, Jr ( (Jan.15th1929–Apr.4th1968) ) took place on 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

2. Since a few months ago, there has been demonstrations and riots by blacks and their support groups. , caused by white police. The 'White' corps arrested unfairly a black guy. Later he died due to "brutality"of police. People insists on that it was undoubtedly prejudice and racism against 'Black'.

3,. so is reported. "Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie" (VOC) in Dutch. Slavery is an phenomena since first memory of mankind. It extists even now like children labor and forced marriage. Maybe there would be a kind of slavery of each era?

4 Later they worked for industrial factories which was more dangerous than farming. ''Uncle Tom's Cabin'' is maybe an anti slavery novel, published in 1852, by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It is said an important source for Foster's teksts.

5. Minstrel : (Historical Terms) a medieval wandering musician who performed songs or recited poetry with instrumental accompaniment.

6. Official Duch name : De Geoktrooieerde West-Indische Compagnie, known as GWIC, was established by ''Republic of the Seven United Netherlands'' in 1675, ''given jurisdiction over the Atlantic slave trade, Brazil, the Caribbean, and North America''. Its final end was 1792.
7. OCD ; ''also commonly called Purely Obsessional OCD, Pure-O, OCD without overt compulsions or with covert compulsions''.

Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

A singer songwriter with an oil painter in 19th century  [1(prologue)]

Two individuals whom I here describe.
Nobody is not able to escape from the Zeitgeist.
[note 1]

150115 Stephen Foster 03

There is not anyone who does not know him. Needless to say in United States, also in Japan, where such phenomena is same among not only mature generations but also contemporary young people. This looking good man is surely one of the most respected person in US. [note 2]

Een zelfportrate 01

Like Vincent van Gogh, Stephen Collins Foster was an individual in nineteenth century. A fanatic Brabants painter of the Netherlands contrasts with a musician of Pennsylvania of US. When Vincent was born, Stephen was 27 years old. It was vital young age that the most glorious activities in his music accomplishments were realized.

150112 Foster and Gogh 01-1

You may recognize this melody, maybe can sing if you can read the staff notetion. I 'm sorry the picture is too smaal to sing. "Old Folks at Home" is known also as "Suwanee River" published in 1851. The original and today's Lyrics as following ; (only 1st verse)
Orinal Lyrics and Contemporaly

Stephen Collins Foster is appreciated as Father of American music due to compose this songs together with many well known numbers . Saying also ''American Classic'' though it is not a kind of music for Christian Symphony or royalty and the aristocracy at all. Good expression is Folk song isn't it! Songs for everybody.

* Black and white image of Foster : I guess, probably it was taken by Augustus Washington, an African-American photographer. Around 1850s it began primitive photography in ordinary life. People had to stay long time before ''a box' socalled Daguerreotypes'. You must pose without moving! Exposure time reduced from !0 minutes (1820s) to a couple of minutes (1850s). Foster's image shows that he was patient enough.

** van Gogh left a plenty of self portraits. This one is probably painted in 1887 at Arles Provance.France.
1.the spirit of the time → zeitgeist (English vocabrary from German. 'tijdgeest' in Dutch) : the moral and intellectual trend of any age or period.
2. In Japan pupil's activities are often practised by socalled 'clubs at school, so music too、 as club of Banjo, Ukulele and Orchestra. That's why Foster's tunes are popular among young people.

Nostalgic Melody&Film 懐メロ&フィルム

Princess Susannah kidnapped  皇女 誘惑事件 発生


Morning time 09;47 午前9時47分、突然のニュース。プリンセス誘惑事件が発生。ニュースキャスターの右背後にプリンセス・スサンナの顔写真。


Morning time 09;48 UK王室 Beumont公[補註1]の皇女の誘惑事実を発表している。事件発生は数日前のようだ。誘惑犯から連絡があり、身柄交換条件もだされている。緊急対策会議とスコットランド・ヤードがフル回転で動いている。極秘の捜索だったが、メディアに漏れたらしい。首相は大筋を国民及び欧州一般に報告せざるを得なかったようだ。


Morning time 11;02 そうこうする午前11時過ぎに、YouTube上に犯人側からのプリンセスの様子がアップロードされた。彼女は脅迫に怯え、泣きわめいている。首相はじめ重要閣僚と警察の対応が進行するのと同時に、ソーシャルメディアからどんどん成り行きが公開されてゆく。TVニュース画面にTwitterの文字が見える。事件に関する書き込みが既に溢れだしたと言うこと…。トゥイッター書き込み表示カウンターは1分間に10万。


Morning time 11;03 YouTubeにアップされたヴィデオ。St. Paul's CathedralとCity金融街高層ビルらしきが見える。手前の白い橋はテームズにかかるミレニアム橋かも知れない。このTV局はおそらくUK企業であろう。画像下のキャプションがよく分からないだが、おそらくTwitterの書き込みを流しているのだろう…「こんなに脅かされ泣いているなんて、信じられない」。短い数行の投稿に、人々の素直な感想が伺えて面白い。


Morning time 14;49 上のセントポール寺院のヴィデオから4時間近い後のBreaking News。普段の番組の途中に、割り込んで入るニュースをブレーキング・ニュースと言う。だが、CNNやAl jazeeraはひっきりなしに用いるので、特別臨時報道と言う緊急感を私は感じなくなった。


Princess kidnapped 1
首相 Michael Callow. 顧問 Lindsay Duncan女史.






誘惑犯の要求がソーシャルメディアを通じて明らかになると、即時に数万/数十万のトィッターが飛び交う。首相と豚のセックスを前提にする書き込みが公然とインタラアクティブに登場する。例えば; #PMPig, #kidnap and – best of all – #pigfuckercallow are conceived with pinpoint accuracy 曰く;「豚野郎カロウは犯人検挙のため針の穴に等しい緻密な計画を考えている」。ここには隠された意味が在る。




カロウ首相とお偉方がテレビに見いっている上の画像をもう一度見ていただきたい。中央のカロウにリンゼイ・ダンカン女史が耳打ちしている。彼女は次のように密かに伝えているのだった。"Otherwise, the public will think you are enjoying it rather too much." 曰く[さもなきゃー、豚とセックスするのをあーたがそれなりに楽しんでるんじゃない、と国民は考えるかもよ…] ガーディアンのコメント氏がこのセリフに''冴えてるなー'’と賛辞を呈している。


1. John of Gauntはエドワード三世の息子でランカスター家初代。二人の妻を亡くしたガウントは、ずっと妾だったKatherine Swynfordを三人目の妻に迎えた。キャサリンとの子供四名が王家傍系として、 "Beaufort"姓を名乗った。ビューフォルトはガウントの大陸側フランス領地名。風刺劇Beumond公爵家はビューフォルトを参照にしている。The White Queenの中編に詳細あり。

ken minatoya

Author:ken minatoya
Victor Westhoff(1916-2001)碑文Hij observeertからのHNを本名と苗字に先立つ屋号に変更。ウエストホフは生物フローラの相互生息環境を丹念に観察したBiotop概念の先駆者。ザザーッとフィールドを歩きつつ、こぼれ見える外史/雑人/雑草の風景


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